A Forced Hiatus

When I tried to get in to do my blog post last night, nothing happened. Zero, zilch, nada. I emailed merm but she must’ve been busy with other things because I didn’t hear back until today. She thought it was one of my plugins but I couldn’t get in to disable anything. She then thought it might be a server problem and that’s what it surely was. My plugin is still enabled and everything is working, praise the Lord!

Friday was spent doing usual Friday things—changing the bed, straightening up and I vacuumed! That little exercise went a long way to point out my continuing weakness. The Dyson hasn’t been that hard to push before but it surely is now.

The Housesitter called for a short conversation and said she would email me. I have yet to see one come through.

I actually went to church Sabbath. Since I forgot my hearing aids, most of everything was lost on me. I told a friend she’d have to be my ears and she did help me look up some texts but I have little understanding of how they applied to the sermon.

The people who knew why I’d been gone greeted me with open arms. There was a meal after but I didn’t stay. I couldn’t if I’d wanted to. I was without my Reglan. I came home and had a huge strawberry/orange smoothie and a tomato sandwich.

I’ve already outlined last night’s activities. When I went to bed, it was with the stand fan turned on low and pointing toward the bed and me. I honestly don’t know how I’m going to survive the nights this summer. Last year, I had the cool waterbed to keep me from sweltering plus I opened the windows on both sides of the bed. This year, I don’t have either one. It ain’t good. I looked at portable a/c’s today and they are expensive. An evaporative cooler wouldn’t do anything in a humid environment. They are halfway reasonable but the humidity has to be very low for them to work.

This morning, DS1 called to wish me a Happy Mother’s Day. Later, DD did the same and, later still, DS2 did, too. So…I heard from three of three people who make me what I am today—a mother. On Friday, DS1 and his had already sent me a nice gift certificate for Amazon. I heard from my adopted daughter, Cuz, too.

Cuz was at the hospital with her construction partner. He has pneumonia and will probably be there a couple of days, at least. I don’t know who his doctor is there but I hope it gets billed and paid properly. He shouldn’t have a balance.

I’m already sleepy. Must be because I didn’t sleep well last night. The nights are supposed to be cooler most of this week. Hope the weather guesser gets it right this time.

2 Responses to A Forced Hiatus

  1. Lila May 10, 2015 at 9:38 pm #

    You’re making progress! Just don’t push yourself too hard too soon.

    • Tommie May 10, 2015 at 9:45 pm #

      No fear! All I’ve done today is mostly sit and try to keep cool.

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