As it seems to happen, I hadn’t had breakfast when the phone rang announcing the next visit of the physical therapist. Today was my reevaluation. I didn’t even try to eat before she got here. It hadn’t been long enough since I took my thyroid med, anyway. It would be nice if they’d switch to Tommie Time but I don’t see that happening.

When she pulled into the driveway, she sat there for several minutes before she got out. Maybe she was checking her phone. Maybe she was getting her stuff together. I don’t know but I went and opened the door and was waiting for her when she got out.

She asked me a few questions and checked me over. BP was 116/72. She didn’t check my O2 sat or listen to my heart or lungs. Did they get me a walker with a seat? No. What about a cane? No. When I walk, do I feel the need for one? No.

She put me through a battery of exercises, mostly different from what I have been doing. The regular PTA has a plan when he gets here but she was making it up as she went. I mentioned he had put ankle weights on me so she got one out and switched it when I’d finish an exercise. She also had me working with a resistance band.

The upshot was that she feels I can benefit from more therapy and she contacted the clinic to get an order from my PCP for an additional (I guess) month.

The mailman came with another replacement order of soup (I’d gotten more bent cans) and she brought it in. She was interested that I get food items from Amazon.

She wants me outside, for sure, next week IF the doctor approves and I have no reason to doubt that he will. With that, she packed up her gear and left.

It has rained most of the day today and has been dark and gloomy. I dozed in Mother’s chair and finally moved to the bed where I couldn’t, for the life of me, go to sleep. I gave it up as a bad job and got up.

Cuz called this afternoon to check on me and see how things are going. I pulled up the ALDI ad and read the specials off to her. She has to take her construction partner to the doctor tomorrow and they’ll go right by there on the way back. She’s packin’ a cooler and bags plus I reminded her to have a quarter. She always has three quarters, four dimes, a nickel and five pennies (I think). I told her not to let her CP go wild in there. She took my order so I need to make sure I have enough room in the fridge.

Well, it’s getting to be That Time again. I hope I sleep well tonight. I was a bit wakeful last night.

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