They’re Baaack!

Both the stench in the washer and the ants are back. Cuz says she’ll try something different. We’ll see what it is and if it works. If I could find my bottle of Terro…

Only two Catz showed up today. One of them relieved herself after she ate and then scooted along on her behind. I don’t think she was cleaning herself. She may have worms or impacted anal glands. With Twinkle, it was the latter.

Not a whole lot else of note has happened today. I got sick and tired of my hair hanging down my neck and whacked it off. It was just the hanging down part. Cuz wears hers longer in the back but I can’t handle it. If I could see the back of my head, I’d cut more but I don’t need a bigger mess than I have.

I ate lunch for the first time without my constant companion. I think I’ll start fixing breakfast without him, too. My oranges are on the opposite side of the “cool room” from the door and it’s hard to drag Ralph all the way through and then back. If I weren’t carrying anything, it would be a bit more okay but…

When I took my shower, I shaved the stray hairs on my neck. I don’t know that it looks better but it feels better.

One of those “see what your name means” is going around Facebook so I decided I’d participate. I needed a good laugh and I got one.


It couldn’t be more wrong unless it said I’m a man.

Tonight, I can’t forget my nighttime meds. I did last night and didn’t suffer any ill effects but I don’t want to chance it. It was early this morning when I realized it but it was too late to take them then.

Speaking of nighttime, it’s here and bedtime will be soon. I’m doing pretty well with getting to bed at a reasonable hour and I don’t want to spoil it. Tomorrow is my reevaluation so I do want to be perky.

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