Paying for It

This morning, I had to go to the bathroom multiple times. Yesterday’s dairy was making itself known in a most graphic manner. Besides the backdoor trots, I had lower abdominal cramping and more gas than I care to remember. This isn’t a mistake I’ll make again any time soon.

The PTA got here before I’d had a chance to eat breakfast and, thankfully, there were no manifestations while he was here. He didn’t have me do as wide a variety of exercises but what I did do were with a two lub weight strapped to each ankle. He’s threatened me with a walk to the road and back if he’s allowed to come back next week. Day after tomorrow, I’m to be reevaluated.

My washer has been stinky for weeks. Cuz found a cure for it that looked rather involved last night but less so this morning. You can find it here if you have a need. I got it started first thing and it finished up while the PTA was here.

Uh-oh! I just noticed a little icon appeared on my taskbar. Windows is downloading updates. I’d seen an article about Patch Tuesday. Guess I’m getting an early start. Seems there are four critical updates to take care of vulnerabilities. Thank goodness I don’t use Office. There’s a total of nine updates this month for that suite alone.

Back to today…DS1 has been learning to play the guitar. I’d gone to bed before he sent this picture last night.


Cuz came by for a visit this morning. She got here after the PTA and before the nurse. She’d put up a crystal ball for me that was hanging off kilter. I’d tried to “fix” it and didn’t. When she saw it sitting on the counter, I told her what had happened so she hung it again and this time, it doesn’t wobble when it spins. The ants were back in force so she brewed a concoction of mineral oil and ground cloves. The number has decreased considerably but there are still a few.

I’ve had a birthday card ready for the mail for several days and keep forgetting to get someone to take it so I de-O2’ed and took it out. So there for the PTA! I made it there and back with a minimum of coughing.

Oh, when the nurse asked me if there were anything she could do for me, I asked her what others want her to do for them. Well, she’s changed light bulbs, vacuumed, hung curtains, whatever she was asked that she was capable of doing. I’d thought about waiting and having her mail the card for me but that would be another week, for sure.

Patch Tuesday has made me later than I wanted to be getting this done. I’m awfully sleepy so this can be it and I’ll go get some shuteye.

4 Responses to Paying for It

  1. Lila April 14, 2015 at 10:20 pm #

    Good for DS1! And for your trip to the mailbox with no ill effects. Looking forward to more good news

    • Tommie April 14, 2015 at 10:28 pm #

      Now he’ll be able to accompany himself when he sings.

  2. Mary Jane April 15, 2015 at 9:15 am #

    Sorry about the unplesant effects from the soup, but glad for the good news about your going to the mailbox without the oxygen!

    • Tommie April 15, 2015 at 9:35 am #

      It’s the second time without the O2. I’m coughing by the time I get back but freedom is so nice!

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