Winding Down

A week or so ago, one of my friends shared a notice on Facebook. It was from the city saying that there were to be three, four hour long electrical outages area-wide. A long document, I chose not to read the whole thing but scanned enough of it to find they were in serious need of a proofreader. One statement went something like, “We hope to make things as inconvenient as possible for the customers.” Well!

Anyway, the first of the outages was this morning from midnight TT to 4 a.m. My first mistake was not taking a flashlight to bed with me. When I woke in the intense darkness with a need to visit the bathroom, I had to literally feel my way there and back. Mercifully, I only had to go twice before the power came back on. I actually think it was off longer than the planned four hours but I can’t say for sure since I have no clocks that stop like the old analog ones used to.

Cuz came home today for a day or two. She did the first mowing of the season and everything looks so pretty. Wanting to move my car, she got the keys and it wouldn’t start. She got the charger and hooked it up but, after sitting for awhile, it still didn’t start. Late this afternoon, she found a mouse nest in the air intake. That had to be new because the car had started right up when I ran it a couple of weeks or so ago.

With the power outage, the netbook had eventually shut down and took MagicJack with it. I didn’t notice until this afternoon after DD had tried to call three times. I had to do a dirty reboot to get it back on track again.

We visited a little more than 45 minutes after she got home from the store. After 4 their time, she figured she should fix something to eat. Her boyfriend hadn’t had anything since the night before. She said she wakes up hungry but he’s still full. That would drive me nuts. Better her than me.

Cuz came in for a short conversation and said she’d planned to change the sheets until she read I’d already done it. She figured I need another set and I think so, too. However, instead of the stretchy ones, I want a set of percale or something that will be cooler this summer. I found a set on Amazon and ordered it. I hope they’ll be nice and smooth.

I thought I was awake a long time during the outage last night but I remember dreaming about a large spider (it was more interesting than scary) before I heard the clock strike 5 (I think). That’s one reason I believe the power was off longer than predicted. I haven’t had a third meal and I’m not going to this late. It’s past 8:30.

The giveaway is ending in a matter of hours. If you haven’t entered yet and still want to, you’d better do it now. One lucky person will get a nice set of ceramic knives and the rest will have access to a discount code that will put a smile on each purchaser’s face.

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