Nope, I’m not a pro. I’m still on the easy ones but I’m down to finishing a board in less than 15 minutes. I’d wondered what the fuss was all about and here I’m hooked. Guess I can charge the hours I spend to staving off Alzheimer’s. Or I could go back to the AARP games.

I have some more entries for the giveaway. I didn’t know Genese tweeted but she has three entries along with Laura. Then there’s Kris O who tweets but doesn’t Facebook.

Just to be sure, I checked with the Abundant Chef and yes, they only ship to the US so sorry to my out of the States readers.

My nurse showed up today and was very apologetic for the schedule that switched me from yesterday to today. She said she would make sure I’m on Tuesday next week. After that, it may be up to me to self-inject. I’ll have to hide and watch and see what happens.

Tomorrow is PT day again. I’ll have to be up early to beat the man at his game. It would be nice if the schedule stayed the same but that’s impossible.

In spite of the weather guessers, today was beautiful. The rain has really greened everything up until it looks almost velvety. The temperature got up to 80 in the house and about that outside, as well. Currently, I have the EcoBreeze on and it’s “cooled down” to 78. I changed from a lounger to one of Mother’s dresses.

Speaking of Mother, I’m guesting on at the invitation of my newfound cousin. There are some really wild and crazy things on there. I looked Mother up and one place has her date of birth off by several days. THEN it has her giving birth to a son years before that! She never had a boy child and none of her five daughters were listed. It did have her place of birth right and where she died was correct but none of the dates passed scrutiny. Makes one wonder how much actual history is valid.

I did laundry today but I can’t handle carrying the clean clothes to the bedroom and wrangle Ralph at the same time so it’s still on the washing machine.

Cuz is trying to get some things done at the other place. She called today and asked me to look up and print off a diagram for a riding mower she’s having to repair. I found it and my CIL took it to her. She called again this evening and, for a wonder, I got it right.

Oh, another thing I did was my nails. That makes it much easier to type. Not so easy to do, though. My left hand isn’t strong enough to work the clippers so I had to file the nails down on my right hand. It was tedious.

Hopefully, the temperature will drop some more before I go to bed. I don’t like sleeping in a hot room.

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