Day Three

If you count Sunday as the first day, then today is Day Three of the giveaway. In all that time, only one person has figured out how to get three entries. It wasn’t until she made the Facebook share public that I could verify it but she finally got ‘er done.

The company sent an email to all its subscribers about the giveaway and described the set as nine pieces. I was thinking “HUH??” until it dawned on me there is a sheath for each knife so there are four knives, four sheaths and one peeler for nine pieces. The sheaths are pretty, too. Each one has a series of apple cutouts so the white of the knives show through the black.

This has been a puzzling day. The PTA showed up late for him and the nurse didn’t show at all. I had the B12 paraphernalia all laid out but it didn’t get used. Cuz offered to draw it up for me but it’s very easy to blunt the needle with the tiny vial. Plus, I don’t want to have to shoot myself unless I absolutely have to.

Sure enough, my repetitions for physical therapy was up to 30 each. I’m wondering how many it will take to make me holler “UNCLE!” To test my balance, I had to stand with my feet together and catch a pillow thrown in various ways. The harder one was standing toe to heel for the count of 10 (a s l o w count).

Cuz has been anxious for me to learn to take care of my O2 needs should the power go off. When I took my shower today, I had no trouble breathing. It’s only when I’m exerting myself that I get short of breath. I told her I wasn’t going to worry about it. It isn’t like I’m gonna die.

I learned today there are three planned four hour each outages during this month. I hadn’t notified the power company that I’m on O2 24/7 and it wouldn’t make any difference for that, anyhow.

My gauze pads were getting nasty so I sewed some on the tubing today. I’m through trying to use the stapler to keep them in place.

I belong to a hometown nostalgia group. A very active member’s name is the same as my father’s. We responded to the same post today and I half-jokingly wondered if we might be related. He messaged me privately and indicated we might be. He asked for my paternal grandfather’s name “etc.” I gave him that as well as my grandmother’s name. He came back with the fact that we are, in fact, related. My great-grandfather and his ancestor were brothers. I don’t know his age so I don’t know if it’s his great or his great great. I tried to trace the tree but it ran out of branches too quickly.

I finally remembered the broccoli I’d bought at ALDI on Thursday was still in the fridge. I got it out, washed it and cut it up. The waste was two stem ends and one bruised floweret. I do like the stems. i believe they’re my favorite part.

It’s sleepy time already. Last night wasn’t optimal so I’m counting on tonight to be and that right early.

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  1. Lila April 7, 2015 at 10:17 pm #

    I don’t see my comment for yesterday, so I’ll ask again. Do you get to keep the set of knives you were sent? I assume you do, but just want to know for sure.

    • Tommie April 7, 2015 at 10:49 pm #

      Yes, I get to keep the knives and, as I told you—if you want to enter the giveaway, you need to ‘fess up what is your favorite knife. BTW, the comment was on the giveaway.

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