Coming to an Understanding, Part 1

When I retired three and a half years ago, I felt like I was under a very black cloud. The only hope to keep what sanity I had left was to get out ASAP. The office staff felt it, too, I’m sure. I wasn’t a ray of sunshine, by any means. There was whispering that would suddenly stop when I’d appear and then the guilty looks. I can’t blame them. I don’t blame them.

I’d sworn I’d never set foot in the place again—even though my doctor would urge me to. If for no other reason, he would have ready access to my reports. Maybe he wanted me to mend fences. I don’t know.

Without a history of many hospitalizations in my life, I did have that bout with gastroenteritis or whatever a couple of years ago. I spent a few days in the nice, new hospital across the mountain in the other valley. Sure, I got good care and was brought through the experience still alive.

A week ago last Sunday, I was iced/snowed in and wouldn’t have been able to drive, anyway. Cuz and my CIL were both at the construction partner’s house which sits down in a hollow. Cuz hadn’t been able to get out since the weather had hit.

On 02/22, Cuz texted and wanted to know if I were okay. No, I wasn’t. Well, she should be able to get out the next day to take me to the doctor. Give her my appointment time and she’d leave an hour earlier.

As soon as the clinic opened, I called. I got put on hold forever, it seemed but when I finally got through, I was told to come in when I could and I’d be worked in. I texted Cuz and she managed to slip and slide out of the driveway without wrecking. She was here and ringing the doorbell not long after I’d dressed.

It wasn’t long until I was ushered into the inner sanctum and the exam began in the usual way. When the doctor saw me, he knew I didn’t feel good AT all. He stated I wouldn’t be there if I weren’t truly sick. Then he began…

“I can send you home with antibiotics and you can try to kick this stuff or I can put you in the hospital and [in so many words] really get serious.” I was so miserable, I didn’t care. I knew I didn’t want anyone else treating me so I reluctantly agreed. He filled out the order for an observation stay and handed it over. I was on my way.

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  1. Lila March 5, 2015 at 5:35 pm #

    You always were good at cliff hangers. Sorry for the people that have to wait for the rest of the story. Glad I’m up-to-date!.

    • Tommie March 5, 2015 at 7:03 pm #

      Not everyone is as privileged as you!

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