Hands On

Yesterday, it was click occasionally and restart. Today was more of that and then lots of “hands on”. I called my sister this afternoon to give her a progress report. Just when she’ll be getting the notebook back is still up in the air.

I asked her if she wanted me to install Thunderbird and tried to explain what it does. She’s been using web mail all these years so I don’t know if I really got the advantages across of having email on the desktop. At any rate, she said to install it and she might use it and she might not.

WELL. I got myself into a bit of a project there. She hasn’t been using gmail for more than personal and it gives the option to download mail only from the current point on. Yahoo is another ballgame, altogether. It has ONE option—whether or not to download everything, including spam, or exclude the spam. Of course, I opted to exclude the spam. It’s a good thing I did.

Assorted_Pills_1When the messages started coming in, there were over 4k of them. They went back to when our sisters were still living and emailing. I didn’t explore her email on purpose but I did see one I didn’t want to lose track of so I forwarded it to myself. It was from my sister in the Great Northwest. Our mother was quite the poetess and she left the following on their answering machine “without preamble. At the end she said, ‘Amen!’ and hung up.”

Life is boring, life is nil,
All I do is take a pill.
Pill number one to make me pee,
Pill number two to help me see.
Pill number three to give me pep,
Pill number four to watch my step.
Pill number five my soul to save,
Pill number six to dodge the grave,
Pill number seven, I know not what,
Pill number eight–I just forgot.
They come in eights and tens and twelves,
I’d gladly leave them on the shelves.
What I’m saying is very true,
And I hope it NEVER happens to you!

She composed it in 2002 which means she was 98 years old. Yes, I said OLD. She always hated it when people would say she was “98 years young”. She’d later bristle and say that wasn’t even close to being young.

Noticing a pattern in a lot of the messages, I set up several folders to accommodate them. That didn’t take much time. What was time-consuming was creating the rules to route the emails TO the folders.

I’ve updated drivers and installed utilities. The audio still isn’t quite right. I’ll work on it tomorrow. I gave up at 8:38 and called it a night.

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