The morning was a cloudy one and I woke late—again. I really do need to get a better handle on a routine. I did manage to get some things done that required bending down before I ate breakfast.

Some time back, there was an easy-looking recipe for vegan oat burgers on Facebook so I looked it up last night and printed it off. It was waiting on the printer when I went to the bedroom this afternoon.

It really is easier than my Super Duper Gut Bombs. Of course, I can’t make anything without tweaking it. The recipe called for nutritional yeast flakes. I opted to leave that out. I added mushrooms and dehydrated onion. Next time I make them, I’ll cut down on the oil. A third cup didn’t seem that much for the amount of oats but I think they could have just as well done with a little less. The Bragg Liquid Aminos is pretty strong. When I get my “tweaked” version down pat, I’ll post the recipe and maybe some pictures.

Vanilla BeanTheoBesides experimenting with the burgers, I shaved a square of Theo dark chocolate with mint and sprinkled it over a half cup So Delicious Vanilla Bean ice cream. It tasted like So Delicious Mint Chip but it was more trouble. I didn’t mix the chocolate in because I would’ve had soup and that I didn’t want. It was good but I’ll just get my mint chip already made. I’m lazy like that.

I put rosemary in the diffuser this evening and it smells all evergreen-y in my corner. It doesn’t seem to help my coughing as much as the other but it was yet ANOTHER experiment.

And now for a fourth. For the last three nights, I have been sleeping with my pillow on the upper wedge. I reported that last night. What makes the third night different is the fact that I dispensed with the neck pillow and just used the regular pillow. I’ll have to call that experiment a success.

Bath time is almost upon me and I still need to take my NAC and that old nasty generic Zantac. I failed to call about it today. It makes my saliva thick and yucky plus it’s gag-worthy. Such a cheerful note to end this post!

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