A Better Day

Not only did it make it above freezing, it got all the way over 39 degrees by 4/10. I took advantage of the nice sunny day to go to town and restock.

Before I left, though, I shot myself in the leg. I hit a vein for sure and ended up with a sizable purple lump. I emailed my PCP and asked if I should be concerned.

Cuz called me back about the boxes and said there was nothing in them that she could see other than the paper and plastic packing material. What I’m missing is the plastic window covering kit I used to block the cold air from coming in through the furnace grille. Since she didn’t find it, it has to be around here somewhere.

My visit to Walmart didn’t include the haircut I desperately need. I did stop to visit with my produce person and get a hug. She said her income tax refund is back and spent. She bought a Wii u plus a washer and dryer. Now she won’t have to spend time at the laundromat. She said it took more than $20 a week to wash her clothes so the pair should pay for itself soon.

I turned the printouts for So Delicious products over to a fellow in Customer Service at the request of the dairy manager. I spoke to her on the phone and let her know I was requesting more non-dairy products besides the milks. She agreed to look the printouts over and see what she can do.

Vanilla BeanFrom there, I went to Bi-Lo and gave them the same printouts. I’d called this morning and talked to them about the So Delicious ice cream and finally figured out that they had it in. I checked in the freezer case and found chocolate and mint chip but no vanilla bean. Wandering back to the front of the store, I found two men deep in conversation. One understood what I was talking about and took me back to the back (again). I waited while he went into the storage area and consulted with another man. He came out and told me it wouldn’t be long.

Imagine my surprise when the third man came out with a box half full of So Delicious pints! It wasn’t a So Delicious box so I believed him when he said it was a case. I told him all I wanted was a pint of Vanilla Bean. He said he’d been told to save me a case. I would assume that would be 12 pints. It would be nice if I could afford that many but the three I got set me back a pretty penny even with coupons. With them, I got $3.20 off the total.

I came home and put them in the freezer while four Catz milled around wanting to be fed. I was sure they’d been cared for since I hadn’t been asked to do it so I came on home, unloaded, put away and sat down to catch my breath.

Since then, I’ve had supper and messaged back and forth with my academy roommate. Netflix went down so we migrated over to pbs.org. I filled her in on Hulu, too. She thought it was all subscription but I let her know there’s plenty of free stuff on there, too.

After many hours, I got an answer from my PCP. He said, “If you are ok by now, you are ok…..sorry, just read this..has been busy today” Well, the lump has gone down almost completely. It still purple but it hasn’t gotten any bigger. It’s about 1/8″ across. I think I’ll live.

I’m pooped. It’s time to call it a day and fill the hot water bottle. I scalded myself last night. I got spoiled while I was visiting DD and merm and used their fancy thermostatically controlled tea kettle. I looked it up on Amazon but it’s a bit rich for my blood.

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