It Pays

Mother used to say I was “mealy-mouthed” because I wouldn’t speak up. I doubt she’d say it any more. Twenty-four-and-a-half years working, dealing with insurance companies cured me of that. I still don’t talk much in groups but one on one—that’s altogether different.

When I signed off last night, I’d emailed my account number and phone number to the rep from the U-verse Facebook page. I didn’t know whether I’d hear anything before today or not but I wasn’t holding my breath in any case. Around 9 o’clock (I could check MagicJack to make sure of the time but I won’t), Alex M called. He apologized for the trouble I was having with my connection. Well, that wasn’t the problem, Alex.

HistoryI explained about my payments jumping from $24.95 a month and eventually evening out at $46 a month after I’d objected to the charge that more than doubled it. He must’ve looked at my payment history because he indicated he could understand why I was concerned. He’d see what he could do. How late would I be up? Well, at least another hour. I didn’t tell him but I don’t like to go to bed immediately after I drink 16 ozzies of water.

It couldn’t have been more than 15 minutes when the phone rang again. This time, it was Sherry O. Alex M had forwarded the information to her. After I’d given her my four digit pass code, she looked at my account. Yes, she could see what had happened and she’d do what she could to help me out. She was muttering to herself and finally said, “THAT’S what I was looking for!” The conclusion was that she could give me a promotional rate. I figured $5, maybe $10 off the most recent amount I was being billed.

cheergirl-311225_640She did a bit of figuring and said, “I can just about cut your current bill in half and sign you up for a promotion at $28 a month for a year.” WHAT?? Would I still have the same speed? The same account number? Yes, everything would stay the same. The only thing was that I would be paying $28 instead of $51.67 a month. Well, praise the Lord!

Alex K had already given me $10 off the first inflated payment so she took off another $13.67 to make it $28.

01252015 Bill

I thanked her over and over and told her my retirement income was static. I’ll have to go through pretty much the same thing next year but she told me she’d send me an email with her contact information. I do hope she’s still working in the same capacity when I need to battle again.

It was hard to get to sleep after all that excitement. That’s enough difference in a year to pay my electric bill for a month and then some.

In the early morning hours, I dreamed I was a young girl again. There were two boys vying for my attention (that didn’t happen often in real life). I don’t know who one of them was. The other one was a fellow I “went with” for several years then dated briefly back in the late ’90s. He has since died. My dream was rather entertaining but I wasn’t sorry to find out it wasn’t for real when I woke up.

Besides doing as much as I could get away with around the house, I finished the index for second quarter. I’m hoping to have a full night’s sleep tonight. Time will tell.

Cuz texted she needed me to feed the critters this evening. I hadn’t checked my email until dark so I told her I’d do it in the morning. It’s hard enough to walk over in the daylight while dodging Catz. I didn’t want to do it when I can’t see.

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  1. Lila January 22, 2015 at 9:07 pm #

    Is the fellow you referred to who died the one you were seeing when DD was in academy?

  2. Mary Jane January 23, 2015 at 5:03 pm #

    Good for you getting that payment cut in half!!

    • Tommie January 23, 2015 at 5:22 pm #

      Half would have ended up being a couple of dollars less but I’m not complaining!

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