A-Shopping We Will Go!

It was a good night for sleeping but sleep wouldn’t come. I’d failed to anoint myself with lavender oil which had wafted me off to dreamland two nights in a row. Giving myself the usual wedgie (twice), I was loath to get up. I dozed a bit but when I looked at the clock and it was 1:30, I decided to soak in a tub of very warm water. The second time I went to bed, it was off to sleep. And the third morning in a row, I woke to sunshine!!

Today was the day for Cuz’ first installment of extensive dental work. I texted her that I was available to pick her up from the dentist’s office but her construction partner was with her. It wasn’t very long until she texted that she was done. I texted back that I was impressed and she replied that she was, too. Now, if only he took my dental insurance…

My supply of fresh food was all but gone. I readied myself and went to town. It was most of 59 degrees when I left the house. One of my favorite Walmart people had moved to Florida but I’d seen on Facebook recently that they’d moved back. Sure enough, there she was in women’s apparel. I stopped, we hugged and started talking. A long time later, a customer came up for help and we had to say goodbye. It was nice to see her smiling face.

I wandered back to the dairy section and talked to the fellow who was stocking. I asked if they could get So Delicious yogurt. He told me to bring in an empty carton so he could get the UPC code and find out if it was available at all. “The people in Arkansas are the ones who decide what we have and what we don’t.” He agreed things would be a lot different if the local folk had a say. I told him I’d print off the bar codes and bring them in.

When I went to check out, a cashier was standing at the end of her lane looking for a victim so there was no waiting. She kept the ALDI ad since I didn’t need it any more. I used it to get two 4 lub bags of oranges for $1.99 and 10 avocados for 49 cents each. Another store had sliced white mushrooms for $1.59 and I got bananas for 49 cents a lub.

Vanilla BeanThis morning, I called Bi-Lo and was assured they had So Delicious Vanilla Bean ice cream. That was the one and only reason I stopped. When I looked in the freezer, there was just a smattering of cartons and none of them were Vanilla Bean. I went back to the front of the store and collared a manager. She went looking with me. Sure enough, there was a carton in the spot that said Vanilla Bean but it was Chocolate. I told her how good it was and she groaned. She’s on a diet and said she’d probably eat the whole thing if she started in on it. The next time I plan to go to town, I’m to call and make sure whether it’s in stock or not. If they can get it in, she’s going to put a carton in the freezer in the back for me.

I’d planned to start the diffuser up again when it quit at 6 but it’s too late now and I’m coughing. My forgetting the lavender last night prompted me to fix up another inhaler with a few drops of it. I put it on the bed so I’ll be sure to have it and not repeat another night like the last one.

There’s been no phone call regarding the notebook today so my sister must have it pretty much whipped into shape. Now, if the other one could get Works installed on Windows 7…However, I tried to install it on Cuz’ notebook and it wouldn’t. I’ve looked for file converters and now I learn that Zamzar is not necessarily the best choice. Microsoft has one but it doesn’t list anything later than XP as a system requirement. I’ve sent her the link, anyway. (I sent her the Zamzar link earlier but wish I’d read the bad press about it prior to.)

I still have to drink my water with my bedtime med. Take a deep breath for me. If I do it, I’ll end up coughing.

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