Hump Day

The week is half gone. Cuz loves the Geico commercial with the camel. I’m not crazy about the guys with the stringed instruments. This one is a remix without showing them much. I doubt she’s seen it.

Peppermint OilWhen I was getting ready for bed last night, I heard a critter scratching around. I got my trusty bottle of peppermint oiland put some in several registers, behind the dryer and down one of the sinks in my bathroom. I’ve heard nothing since. Amazing what that bit of oil can do plus it smells good.

I remembered to turn the waterbed heater off so I slept better. It was cool in my bedroom—I didn’t look to see what it was but I’d guess about 50 or so. The hot water bottle came into good use.

This morning, I cut through the tape on the dōTERRA box and rearranged the contents. It was the third time I’d modified it. The second time, I cut one end and slid the packing slip in after I’d copied it. I put the box out on one of the chairs on the deck and went about my business. About noon, there was a knock on the door. It was the UPS man with the receipt for the box. I already had a tracking number and it currently shows it’s in transit.

He thanked me for the Christmas gift and said he’d eaten all of it before he got home. Mercy! That much would do me for a lot of days! Two whole Theo chocolate bars and enough sesame crunch to choke a horse!

As instructed, I called dōTERRA and told the rep it was on its way back. She went ahead and put the replacement order in. A confirmation was emailed but there was no tracking number so I may not get it until next week even though it’s being sent second day air. She said it was possible it would arrive tomorrow but I’d be surprised. Pleasantly so, but surprised. I told her I’d opted for UPS Ground instead of USPS Standard on my initial order which cost $2 more. I maintained I should get that $2 back since they’d sent the wrong thing and my kit is late getting here. She said she couldn’t refund money but she’d give me five points to make up for it. That was okay with me.

It was up to me to feed the critters today. For a wonder, all five Catz showed up. Six looked quite skinny so she may have given birth. She’s the only one of the five sisters who is capable. The babies were completely out of water. When I attached the male’s bottle to the cage, he hung upside down and drank and drank. He must’ve been parched. The female came out but she didn’t seem so thirsty. If they didn’t make me wheeze, I’d offer to bring them over here but I don’t need to be exposed that much.

For the first time since the Big Thaw, I did laundry. While it was underway, I cubed the aubergine that had been languishing in the fridge for over a week. I fixed it with tomatoes, onion, garlic, Italian seasoning and kala namak. I’d turned the heat down under the skillet but it was evident it wasn’t low enough. To say it was caramelized is a stretch. It was close to burned. I added some water and hope the stuff stuck to the pan is what has all that good flavor the famous chefs talk about. It’s containerized and waiting for tomorrow.

Supper was the rest of the lentil soup. There was more than I realized so I think I overdid it. My Mii may fuss at me tomorrow for gaining. I reached my goal the other day and got bragged on. Maybe she will tell me it’s okay if it’s up a bit. “It takes time for your hard work to show” or some such.

My Dandy Blend wasn’t as tasty today without the Holiday Nog. I’d finished it off yesterday so no more until Thanksgiving or thereabout. I had it with almond milk and coconut crystals. That’s probably better for me, anyway. I was getting a regular dose of soy which I don’t need.

I ran the diffuser for eight hours today instead of the usual four hour periods. That stretches the oils and it seemed to do as much good as the higher concentration. I’ve had it on four for the last bit so it will stop soon. I guess I could go ahead and turn it off when I’m heading for bed so I don’t have to wait to clean it. I’ve found that it takes exactly 3/4 cup water initially and then only 1/2 cup to start it up again.

It’s later than it should be. I got sidetracked and I’m paying for it. Time to close it down for another day.

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