The Deep Freeze

My most notable piece of news is that I don’t like cold weather. Right now, 40° would feel downright balmy. Last time I checked, the temperature right outside my bedroom window was just under 9°. Not anywhere near the 75 or so that would make me happy. Where I’m sitting, it’s 66.2 and the humidity is 21%. No wonder my head aches. The diffuser has been running most of the day and that helps but it isn’t really a humidifier. The mist is only a carrier for the essential oils. I’d emailed dōTERRA so much with questions, they finally sent me a manual. That’s exactly what I needed. I’d been doing most things right but there were some things I wasn’t. Now, I’m on the right page and it makes me feel better.

This morning, there were snowflakes in the forecast. I looked out and, sure enough, it was peppering down. I posted that fact on Facebook and merm said with no pics, it didn’t happen. I stepped onto the deck and snapped a couple. You have to look closely to see the flakes. My camera isn’t very good at catching such.


I was supposed to go down the mountain to meet with my friend who gave me the diffuser. She cautioned me to be careful, that there were likely to be icy spots because the snow was a wet snow. It hadn’t been really heavy out here so I figured I’d be okay. When it was time for me to start getting ready, I looked out again and it was really coming down. I’ve been on that road when it was slick and I don’t want to repeat the experience. I emailed her and let her know I was chickening out.

My CIL was supposed to be here to feed today but Cuz texted that he wasn’t up and around yet so would I do it? I told her okay and I felt mean and stingy because my heart really wasn’t in it. I pulled on my permanent coat and, after several tries, got it zipped up. I wish I could learn the trick to doing it every time. Pulling my hood up, I went out and was met by three Catz. Bucking the wind, I got into the house and found that the one lone female had polished off the food I’d put out for two. Maybe she’s like me and bulking up for hibernation. Their water needed replenishing and I did it all without too much choking (considering I’d walked off without a mask). The Catz were next, then I put the container back and came on home.

My hands were about frozen and when I looked at Weatherbug, it said the wind was out of the west at 13 mph. Mercy! And on top of the sub-freezing temperatures.

So Delicious!In spite of the cold weather, I bundled up and had some So Delicious Mint Chip ice cream. It reminds me of Breyer’s Mint Chocolate Chip that DD loved except it has more chips. Talk about yummy! I could have eaten more but I still had to have supper. I ended up eating too much of it starting with some of the best broccoli I’ve had for a long time. That was followed by soup, toast and crackers. I read on my thyroid med bottle that I’m not supposed to take supplements within four hours of taking it so I waited until after supper for them. I washed ’em down with a little Holiday Nog. I’m gonna miss it when it’s gone.

My sister emailed to run water and open under-sink cabinet doors. I’ve had water running for several hours and the heater is on in my bathroom. I think I’ll leave the heaters in this part of the house turned up. Hopefully, it’s gotten as cold as it’s planning to but one never knows, does one?

4 Responses to The Deep Freeze

  1. Joanie January 7, 2015 at 10:27 pm #

    I would have said that was a very dry snow! The roads weren’t a bit icy, other than the spots that had standing water, and that was only in a few places on the side roads, and didn’t interfere with driving. I don’t blame you for not braving it tho… it was VERY cold! I had three shirts on, a hooded fleece jacket, my hooded warm winter coat, my ear bags (fitted ear muffs) and a lined knit hat underneath the two hoods! That ALMOST kept me warm today…. Not sure what I will add for tomorrow…

    • Tommie January 7, 2015 at 11:28 pm #

      Yes, it WAS cold. Tomorrow is supposed to be all the way up to 28 with a low of 17! Heat wave!!

  2. Lila January 8, 2015 at 9:44 am #

    If winter come…you know the rest. Take heart! I could say the worst is yet to come, but I hope that isn’t true in this case.

    • Tommie January 8, 2015 at 9:59 am #

      Yes, I know. I hope this is the worst. At least the temperature is back in the double digits.

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