My eyes! My eyes! They are like two burnt holes in a punkin. My brain feels like it’s mush. I thought I was doing good and now I find I’m going to have to go back and redo the hard-coded parts of the lessons so they’ll work on the blog. I have nothing to do with the blog except for writing an article now and then but I’m affected by how it acts when linked to the lessons, anyway. I can’t win.

I’d told the editor last night that I would get multiple lessons done today. HA! I laugh on your lapel. I’ve gotten ONE set done and uploaded. One step forward and two steps back. If I didn’t need the money, I’d quit. OH! That’s right! I’m not paid! I’m a volunteer! Does that mean I stay or go? How much notice am I supposed to give? Will quitting look good on my resume? Should I care?

Well. The upshot is, I’ll stay but I have to vent once in awhile.

The Computer Owner’s computer was all done and ship-shape before I went to bed. I found a fix for the display. That was the last thing I had to trouble-shoot. I was in bed by a little after midnight but I didn’t go to sleep until around 2. I emailed her this morning to let her know but maybe she hasn’t thought to check it with her tablet.

The last two nights have been doozies for dreams. Friday night, I dreamed there were large silver houses on the side of the mountain that’s just sheer rock. I had followed a path to the top where there was a nature center housing a mother and her daughter. It was a thatch hut and animals were going in and out of the walls. Looking over the side, there was a hollow in the mountain filled with nice houses. They were set so close together, it was hard to see between them. During all this time, I was trying to find my purse that had five $100 bills in it. Another woman and I went down the mountain via a nice wide path. The only problem was, the valley we ended up in was opposite the one where my car was parked.

Last night, I dreamed about DS2 and my DIL. She had tapped me on the arm with a plastic stick and I’d reacted like I was being killed. My hair was long and curly (which it never has been) and I was quite taken with it. I went off by myself and DH followed me to ask why. I told him I needed a change of scenery. Sometime during all this, I woke myself talking. Now I know I talk in my sleep. I’m a sleep-talker. Now, if I could only be a sleep-walker and go to and from the bathroom without waking up.

It had rained and rained hard. Between yesterday and today, we’ve had over an inch of rain—at least, that’s what Weatherbug reports for the elementary school in the valley. I wish someone would put a station on the mountain. I think the measurements are different out here.

The clouds were still around when I got up but they cleared some later in the day. The sun was actually able to make an appearance. It had been a long time.

DS1 texted this afternoon to ask if Downton Abbey was on Netflix. This was his first day back at work and I guess he doesn’t have it set up on his phone. I checked and had to tell him no. Hulu doesn’t have it, either. There are a few scattered episodes on youtube but the screens are tiny. Not worth fooling with.

DD called and left voice mail. The phone never rang. She uses my Google Voice number and sometimes it goes through and sometimes it doesn’t. I don’t think she even knows my MagicJack number. She was working around the house while we talked. I used to be able to do that but the phone I have now doesn’t have a jack for a headset. Another reason to sit and be lazy.

COLDI wanted to go to town today but my thyroid med prescription has no refills. I don’t want to make the trip until I can pick it up. It’s supposed to be much colder later in the week. Wednesday night, the projected low is 5-10°. That can mean below zero here. The water will be running. You can count on that.

The diffuser has been going most of the day but shut off a little while ago. I can tell. My chest has tightened up and I’m coughing again. Sometimes life ain’t fun.


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  1. Lila January 4, 2015 at 9:00 pm #

    Tommie, I must say you are a very dedicated volunteer! It seems to me the work on the lessons takes more time than any other one thing in your life, and probably more than several other things combined.

    • Tommie January 4, 2015 at 9:22 pm #

      Not really. I’ll go for weeks without doing anything on them and then it’s a push to get them done. It isn’t that I’m putting anything off. That’s the nature of it. I get one part done, then I have to wait on someone else before I can do the next steps, etc., etc.

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