A Delay?

Last night wasn’t perfect but it was definitely better sleeping on the new wedge than the original one. It actually extended down past my behind so I wasn’t constantly having to reposition it. I’ll put it closer to the edge of the bed tonight so I won’t have to scoot myself over to where it is.

My B12 shot procedure went better, too. It was a relief to see that 1″ needle vs the 1.5″ needle. I think I got as much goosh out of the vial as was possible to get without wringing it. It was nice not to have to sequester myself in the bedroom, too. Miss Nosy Parker (aka Twinkle) made it imperative for me to go behind closed doors to shoot myself. I sat in Mother’s chair and took care of it with little problem.

Dandy BlendI’m trying to eat/drink more healthfully. I’d been having a cup of hot chocolate pretty much every day to wind up breakfast. When I ran out of the mix, I started drinking Dandy Blendinstead. I thought, sure, I had part of a bag in DD’s room (my auxiliary pantry) but it was nowhere to be found. I have some in a jar to keep in the kitchen (better than opening the bag daily) but it is getting low. I sat down and ordered some yesterday. Tracking said it would be here tomorrow.

Checking my little jar, I figured I could make it stretch until Thursday if I paced myself and only had a cup a day. From my calculations, it would do for that long but no longer.

This morning, there was an email from Amazon.

We’re writing to let you know there was a transit delay and the delivery of your package may be delayed by 1 – 2 days. UPS will deliver the package as soon as possible. We’re very sorry about this unavoidable delay and we appreciate your patience.

Oh, no! Not the end of the world as we know it but I’m trying hard to be good and that was my go-to for a hot drink in the morning. I decided to check UPS.

A late UPS trailer arrival has delayed delivery. We’re adjusting plans to deliver your package as quickly as possible. / Delivery will be rescheduled.

My two day delivery with Prime was suddenly increased to three and possibly four. So…my Dandy Blend will be a bit weaker tomorrow so I can make it stretch until my new supply gets here.

I’ve formatted the helps files that were ready (01-08) and fielded multiple emails from the editor and others on the team. I’m hoping against hope that the HTML person is using my final draft of the lessons to split and insert into the templates. There was a reminder that the deadline is Monday. If I’m still alive, I think we’ll make it.

2 Responses to A Delay?

  1. Lila December 10, 2014 at 9:06 pm #

    Some of your technical jargon is Greek to me, but I’m glad you can do it. I know it is time consuming, but it is a real contribution to a lot of people’s Bible study. Thanks from one of those people.

    • Tommie December 10, 2014 at 9:24 pm #

      I’m keeping a promise I made years and years ago.

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