Taking Care of Business

A promise is a promise and I’d told DS1 I’d pray for him if I was awake at 6:30. Well, I bettered that by 30 minutes, waking at 6 o’clock. Trouble is, I hadn’t gone to sleep until after 2. Night before last must’ve been a fluke.

Hospitals aren’t on strict schedules so I waited a couple of hours before I texted my DIL. She had no idea who the text was coming from. After a couple of false starts, we got in sync and she told me they’d just taken him back. She was to get an update in a half hour. An hour later, she texted he was out of surgery. Everything had gone well and he was in recovery.

I was in the kitchen when the phone rang. It was DS1. They were on their way home by way of the pharmacy. He didn’t seem to be in a lot of pain. His throat was sore and he said his mouth had never been so dry. I knew the feeling in both cases. Not fun. He said I could blog that he’s still alive. So…he’s still alive.

There was no way I felt up to going to town but I had to. I didn’t have much choice. The first stop was the county clerk’s office to renew my car tag. That left me $60 poorer.

Driving to the Animal Hospital for the last time was strange. Once inside, the lady had me wait while she checked in a goat. It was probably a good 15 minutes before she was ready for me. I had a full case of food to return. She told me she’s supposed to credit the account but, under the circumstances, she would credit my credit card. Since I don’t have any more animals living at home, I appreciated that. She expressed her sorrow more than once that Twinkle is no more and said that I’d done everything I could for her. I’d like to think so.

My Cuddl Duds had to go back and the dropoff for UPS was on my way back to town. I’d hoped to be able to flag down the UPS man when he brought a delivery to the house but everything’s been coming USPS.

At Walmart, I returned a bag of cat litter and four cans of food. The woman asked if there were anything wrong with them and was a bit taken aback when I said the cat died. She asked for my driver license (I didn’t have receipts) and gave me $5 and some change.

Just MayoAs I was going through the store, I just happened to go down the aisle with all the condiments. I’d heard that Walmart was supposed to be stocking Just Mayo so I scanned the shelves and lo! Someone has a sense of irony, intended or not. There, right beside the Hellmann’s was Just Mayo and at a competitive price. In case you haven’t heard, Unilever, the manufacturer of Hellmann’s, is suing Hampton Creek, the manufacturer of Just Mayo. The reason? Just Mayo doesn’t contain eggs. It kind of reminds me of Chick Fil A suing Bo Mueller-Moore because he makes t-shirts printed with “Eat More Kale”. As if their customers are so ignorant they’ll get kale and chicken mixed up!

The cashier was achingly slow. She messed up the gift card transaction for the woman ahead of me and it took a LONG time to straighten that out. I would have gone to a different register but I’d unloaded all but my price match stuff plus an older couple was behind me. When she checked me out, she kept messing up. She charged me for a box of tissue I didn’t buy and only scanned three coupons instead of four. I’ve gone over the receipt and flagged the discrepancies. They total less than $1.50 but I’ll take it up with Customer Service the next time I’m there. She made sure, several times, that I do the Savings Catcher. She said she’d gotten $5 plus on something and 53 on something else. Whether it was $53 or 53 cents, I have no idea.

The little marker was in the mailbox when I got home. It was getting on toward dark and I still had to unload so I’ve saved the placing of it until tomorrow. It’s a sweet little thing. I’ll take pictures.

Neilsen has selected my household to monitor TV watching. I’ve told ’em before and I’ll tell ’em again that I don’t have TV. Guess I’ll pass the five crisp $1 bills out at church when the children come ’round.

Catz were on the deck but I managed to dodge them and bring stuff in. This is the first time I haven’t had to shoo Twinkle away from the groceries.

A few minutes ago, I got an email from Amazon saying the refund for the Cuddl Duds has been processed. Guess they were notified by tracking they were on their way. I don’t remember the address on the label but I don’t think they could have made it all the way back yet.

This morning, I sat me down and ordered a longer, less sloped wedge pillow. It will be here tomorrow. I certainly hope it will do the trick. I NEED SLEEP!

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  1. Lila December 8, 2014 at 9:42 pm #

    Glad for the word on the patient, and hope the recovery is without complications. Also, hope the new wedge pillow works like magic – or whatever will help you get the sleep you need.

    • Tommie December 8, 2014 at 9:50 pm #

      The pillow should be long enough for me not to slide off.

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