A Day in the Life

Today would have been a good day to go to town but I just couldn’t do it. I’d done better last night, wedge-wise, but I’m still congested. My bottle of cough medicine is down by half so I’ll have to force myself soon. As for the wedge, there has to be a use for Velcro somewhere. Maybe if the wedge were longer and the slope not quite so abrupt…It’s like I told DS1 when he called today—I have a surplus of money and I need to get rid of it by buying more medical devices. NOT.

DS1 had called to let me know he’s having outpatient surgery on Monday and will be off work two to three weeks. I cautioned him to do whatever the doctor tells him so his recovery will be a good one. He assured me he’s a pro at being lazy and he won’t do anything not authorized.

Seems, too, that their “on demand” water heater (that convinced me I don’t want one) has bit the dust. They plan to replace it with the tank-type. That means I should be able to take a shower the next time I’m there!

I caught him up on Twinkle’s illness and he surprised me by saying he’d read my blog. Will wonders never cease??!

There was a knock on the door early this afternoon. When I got there, the mailman was walking back to his Jeep. I hailed him so he could take the package containing the Temporary Coat. Maybe to remind me, he said, “Merry Christmas if I don’t see you before the day!” Unless he’ll be on a different route, he’ll see me.

I took a walk to the mailbox and got mail that had been there since Tuesday, at least. The last time I’d checked it was on Thanksgiving and that was to see if anything had been left on Wednesday. The electric bill was of primary interest. What with the sub-freezing temperatures of last month, I knew it would be more than the month before. Opening the envelope, I was thinking $300? $400? The budget amount would be $207 but the actual charge…Electricity, $174.46. Water and tax brought it to within a little less than $5 under the budgeted total. I still have a credit building up.

And now for Twinkle. Bless her heart, she has crept from one place to another today. She went in and crouched by her Bubbler for hours.

Twinkle and the Bubbler

She wasn’t actually drinking the water. She was watching the bubbles. Once, I thought she wasn’t moving because she couldn’t so I picked her up and put her on her chair. She promptly got down and wobbled back to the Bubbler.

After that, she made her way slowly to her food dish and meowed. I excitedly got rid of the bit of food I’d put out earlier and gave her some fresh. She totally ignored it. From there, it was to the living room where she lay on the floor.

She had some lengthy lap sessions (and managed to get up on her own) but currently, she’s in her canvas cube “hideaway” that she has largely disdained before. I guess it was for such a time as this.

Unless she has a stash somewhere I don’t know about, she hasn’t eaten for two full days. Before that, it was only nibbling. Her water intake is down, too. The vet was right—she is amazing. I’m past predicting. I would have thought she would be only a memory before now. The only comfort I can take from the situation is that she doesn’t seem to be suffering.

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  1. Lila December 4, 2014 at 9:18 pm #

    Rejoicing with you about the electric bill.

    • Tommie December 5, 2014 at 3:12 pm #

      It was a huge relief!

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