Simple/Raw Vegan Recipe: Hot Chocolate Mix

For the Northern Hemisphere, winter is on its way. What’s better to warm a person up than a steaming cup of hot chocolate? The following recipe is based on one I found on Martha Stewart’s web site. I took the basics, tweaked them here and there and I present my version.

Tommie’s Hot Chocolate Mix

3 1/2 C Fair Trade Evaporated Cane Juice(Other sweeteners would work, too.)
2 1/4 C Fair Trade Raw Cacao Powderor Fair Trade Carob Powder
1 T Kala Namakor Sea Salt
Non-dairy milk for serving.

If the cacao “clumps”, sift before measuring. Thoroughly combine the dry ingredients in a large bowl. Transfer to an airtight container for storage. Store in a cool, dry place. This is supposed to make enough mix for 92-8 ozzie servings. I haven’t counted them to be sure.

Hot Chocolate

And NOW, to make the hot chocolate! Put just a dab of water in the bottom of your cup. Add two tablespoons of the mix. Combine well with a spoon. It’s best to let this sit for a few minutes to let everything dissolve and become friends. Then add 8 ozzies of hot non-dairy milk and stir well. For a raw cup of chocolate, heat the milk to comfortably warm while stirring with your finger.

The marshmallows in the picture are Sweet & Sara. They are the discounted bits and pieces left over from the production of perfect ones. You can also use Dandieswhich are vegan as well. I don’t indulge in such much but if I want to have a truly decadent cup of chocolate, they fill the bill.

A quick note—this makes yummy chocolate milk in the summer. Just follow the directions above and don’t heat the milk!

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  1. Lila November 12, 2014 at 8:25 pm #

    I’m puzzled by your phrase, “For a raw cup.” Explanation?

    • Tommie November 12, 2014 at 8:47 pm #

      I added “of chocolate” to make it clearer (I hope).

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