The Last GO Veggie!

Not a whole lot has happened today that is out of the ordinary. My sister called this afternoon for some advice. This time, she was resigned to taking the notebook in to have it worked on. Her question was, should she take just the notebook or include the power cord? Since the notebook’s battery is pretty much a paperweight, yes, she should take the power cord. With desktops, power cords are interchangeable. With notebooks, netbooks and laptops, not so much. I guess I should have had her take the transmitter for the mouse out and keep both of those at home. If that tiny transmitter gets lost, there won’t be any way for the mouse to connect.

I did shoot myself in the leg pretty much the first thing this morning. My little bag of syringes is down to the last few so I ordered some. When I was still working, I got a box of 100 for $13. These figure out to be more than that but I won’t have to go chasing all over for them.

Cuz’ phone died so my text went unanswered until a little while ato. I guess the animals didn’t get fed today. I can go over in the morning but I won’t tonight.

GO Veggie ParmesanThe Respiratory Torture Person mentioned spaghetti during my time of trial. It sounded good and I’ve been thinking about it off and on ever since. This afternoon, I decided to give in to my desire.

I cooked up the rest of a package of Tinkyada Spiralsand opened a jar of Paul Newman sauce to add to the mushrooms I’d sauteed in water.

The pasta is very easy to cook—boil for a couple of minutes, cover and let it set for 20 more minutes. I dipped it out into the pan with the sauce and added several ladles full of the pasta water. I put some in a bowl and sprinkled it with the fake parmesan. It’s a pretty good rendition of the stuff you can buy in a green canister but nothing remotely like really good parmesan cheese. Of course, the drawback for me with the GV! is it’s soy based.

My supper wasn’t very photogenic so it didn’t get its picture taken. You’ll just have to use your imagination.

I do like the GO Veggie! better than Parmela. I’ve found that taste is a subjective thing and while I don’t care for it, someone else might. There’s room for all of us in the world.


Twinkle’s been nudging my foot. I guess her dish needs filling. I’ve warmed some water but failed to drink it so here I go.

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