To Clip or Not to Clip

I am so tired of hair. I’ve long maintained if I had a nicely shaped head, I’d shave it. Of course, that would accentuate the aging countenance so maybe I shouldn’t go that route. The fact remains that I spend more money than I want to on haircuts. A lot of what the Tattooed Lady (with the multiple piercings) does is with clippers. I’ve been wondering if I couldn’t do that just as well myself.

Of course, Amazonis my go-to for such as this (and a lot of other things). I like to read the reviews and get the scoop on what’s best. Can’t beat those reviews! It’s important, too, for me to take advantage of Prime shipping. That gets it here in one to two days (unless I order too close to the weekend).

Last night, I stayed up ‘way too late looking. When I searched the reviews and answers to questions, several directed me to youtube to watch videos of people (both male and female) cutting their hair with clippers. It was midnight before I went to bed.

If I do this, the set I’ve picked out is the one below. It has guards angled to cut over the left and right ears which is something I’d need. This set isn’t the cheapest but it isn’t the most expensive, either.


I looked at three-way mirrors, too, but didn’t find anything I thought would work in my situation. Then I decided I could put a nail or a picture hanger on the wall opposite the mirror and hang my hand mirror on it so I could see the back of my head.

There’s still a lot to think about and none of it is a done deal.

One of my groups on Facebook had been warned that there was a planned power outage for the wee hours of this morning. Sure enough, I was awakened by the printer turning off and back on several times. I was glad my bed was nice and warm. The Dr. Heater doesn’t come back on by itself after the power is restored.

Getting to bed so late kind of put me behind on getting started on my day. Twinkle was outside my door before I wanted to get up. She was plaintively meowing and I finally gave in.

I’ve gotten a few things done today. I was looking forward to talking to DD (and I just realized I didn’t ask about the weekend in the Tiny House) since it had been a while.

Two emails came—one from MagicJack and one from Google Voice. She left voice mail on both. I wondered why my phone hadn’t rung. The handset closest to me was fully charged. I picked it up and got a dial tone so I dialed DD’s home phone. It didn’t ring. I tried it again. It still didn’t. Then CAME THE DAWN! My netbook (and notebook) are both set up so they will shut down if they’re on battery and idle.

The bedroom was much cooler than the living room so it wasn’t too comfortable getting things going. It took several tries before I was successful. Later, I told DD I’d done everything except stand on my head.

We had over an hour long conversation. A lot was about her impending move and her job. She hadn’t unpacked all of her boxes from the last move so she doesn’t have as much to do this time. It’s still a move and that’s something that is ‘way at the bottom of my list of “likes”.

I texted Cuz to see if I was supposed to feed the critters. The text back was one word. “please” I went forth and did it. Only two Catz showed up along with Big’Un and Bashful. I’m beginning to think that Bashful should be Feisty. S/he spits and bats at the other cats and has them thoroughly cowed even though s/he’s much smaller.

Twinkle is rousting about and I have no idea what she’s up to. I’m sure she wants food and I want to go to bed. She won’t let me rest until I take care of her so I’d better get to it.

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  1. Lila November 10, 2014 at 10:34 am #

    Will DD be moving to a tiny house?

    • Tommie November 10, 2014 at 11:50 am #

      No. It’s a 1200 square foot apartment. The Tiny House would be a purchase, not a rental.

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