I think I’m turning into my mother. I’ve been hunting for things she used to wear to keep warm.

It’s getting to be consistently cooler than it was a month ago and I’m getting tired of washing my housecoat every or every other day since that’s what I’m living in at home.

SnuggiesOne of Mother’s favorite items of underwear was Snuggies. Google that and you’ll come up with everything but. I found all sorts except the long leg knit underpants she wore. At the time, I would have died from embarrassment if anyone had been privy to the fact that she had on such ugly, unfashionable underthings but I’m well past that stage. I want Snuggies!

Some of the more “rustic” sites have long leg panties. I ordered a package of three from one of them and they came Monday. The ones I wore yesterday were rather roomy and I figured I’d wait to see if they would shrink when washed and order a size down next time if they didn’t. Well, today, the ones I put on today are snug. Obviously, they aren’t made with any consistency.

So…I finally found what I was looking for and I’m ordering a pair of medium and one of large. I’m getting them from Ward’s 5 & 10 which seems to be an online version of the old dime store. If these work out to be like what Mother used to wear, I’ll get enough I won’t have to be doing laundry every day or two.

One thing the long-leg panties help with is the uncomfortable roughness of the pilled fleece on the inside of my sweat pants. I was able to wear a pair yesterday I was tempted to turn wrong-side out before.

LoungerMother loved mailorder. Maybe that’s where I get my penchant for ordering things online to be delivered to my front door. Discover won’t know what’s hit it because their 5% cash back for October through December is for—online purchases. WOOHOO!

I believe the Lady ordered from Dr. Leonard’s. I recall seeing a catalog or two at her house. That’s where I found some winter items on clearance (and some not) so I’m laying in a supply of warm mostly wear-at-home clothing. They should be here Monday if the email confirming shipping is correct. I couldn’t resist the cat. Wonder if Twinkle will be jealous?

Cuz came over mid-morning and we had a good visit. I had some trash bagged up that she took over to haul off. She also cleared out most of the boxes I’d collected since the last time.

It’s getting late quickly so I’d better wind this up. As Mother would have said, “Three o’clock comes early.”

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  1. Mary Jane November 6, 2014 at 7:08 pm #

    The cat garment looks cozy! It would feel good right now.

    • Tommie November 6, 2014 at 7:32 pm #

      I’m counting on it to keep me warm.

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