I’m Late! I’m Late!

Nope. No date. Just late getting started on too many things including this blog post.

There was a heavy cloud cover this morning. It was so dense, little light came through and it was almost 9 o’clock TT when I woke up.

I’ve made some of the changes to the templates as the editor instructed but it’s tedious and slow-going. They aren’t, for the most part, things that can be mass-changed. I have to do them one at a time on each of 26 templates. Not fun but maybe that means I won’t have to do them the second quarter of 2015.

It was back to feeding the animals today. Not all of the Catz showed up. There were three of them, Big’Un and Bashful. I didn’t see the babies. I hardly ever do. Now and then, one of them will wake up and chatter at me. They sound like they’re computerized.

asus2Speaking of computerized, my sister emailed that our other sister wanted me to call her when it wasn’t time for me to eat. I called and, after a little more than 20 minutes, she was back in business. Again. Hopefully that will do it and she won’t have these problems.

I’d thought I’d go to town today but there’s nothing I need but bananas. I still have apples and three persimmons besides a great deal of other edibles. Twinkle has food but now tiny ants have found it and she isn’t keen on battling them for it. I got rid of most of the little pests but I’m sure more will take their place.

The dishes are washing and I got caught up with a few things I’d been putting off. The weather has cooled so the only vitamin D was drops. I need to move to the tropics.

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