24 Hours Later…

Now I find my sister is still having computer problems. This time, she’s getting the message that she can’t get a proxy server (?). She’s tried to get on her ancient XP desktop but it won’t come on. I didn’t know any of this until a few minutes ago and it’s too late to call her now. I’m not sure I’d be able to help her, anyway, from this remote location.

I did get more done today. To do less, I would have probably had to stop breathing. When I was looking for a site where I could find the herb tea I drink in the morning (it’s supposed to help with lung problems), I read that it’s used to decrease bloating by increasing urine production. Now, that’s something I don’t need so I ceased searching immediately.

VeggIt had been a long time since I’d had french toast so I got out my Vegg and made some. I halved the recipe and it still made four big pieces with enough left over to make more. I put it into a container for another time. And, no, I didn’t eat all the toast. I ate two and put the other away for tomorrow.

The time slipped up on me and I didn’t get out in the sun. I texted Cuz to see if it was up to me to feed the critters but she said my CIL was here. I looked out and, sure enough, their back door was open.

This afternoon, I got out the beautiful fresh asparagus and steamed it. Knowing there had to be some way to convert the leftover french toast dip mixture, I squeezed in half a lemon, a bit of Dijon mustard, some kala namak, a half teaspoon more of the Vegg and a bit of Earth Balance Buttery Spread. Blending that all together made a nice accompaniment for the asparagus. I followed that up with an Amy’s Samosa Wrap. It was a good meal.

I’ve been getting instructions from the editor about the changes she wants me to make to the upcoming lessons so I guess it’s time to get to work. Twinkle has it so easy. All she has to do is eat and sleep. It must be a boring existence.

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