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It’s been a busy day. AND a rainy one. Mid-morning, the cloud cover was so thick, it looked like sundown instead of daytime. Then the heavens opened up and down came the rain in torrents. It didn’t last long but the clouds didn’t break up enough to let the sun through until sometime this afternoon.

It’s too bad I hadn’t gone out and soaped up my car before the deluge. It’s been so nasty from sitting under the trees that I’ve been ashamed to drive it. I got into my stash of change and put a handful of quarters into a snack bag. Cranking up the aging Honda, I took it in for a good shower.

Mother had taken her car to a DIY car wash once and said that she was worn out after it danced her all over the place. Well, I put it through a wash, a foam brushing, another wash and the “wax” session. I’d taken one quarter less than what I needed so I looked for my ALDI quarter and it wasn’t there. For a wonder, I had a dollar bill so I went to the bill changer and got four more quarters. Total, it cost me $5 to wash it. It does look much better.

I’d called the Apple House to see if they had Fujis in yet. I was told to call back this weekend. I’ve had a yen for some good apples so I went on over and got some Jonagolds. The $3.50 bag now costs $5.50.

People had looked at me funny while I was doing my shopping but I didn’t think anything about it. I’d showered before I left the house and had on clean clothes even though the hems of my sweats were wet. When I got home, I looked in the mirror and my hair was a mess where the wind had blown the spray back on me. I guess everyone could feel good because they were purtier than I was.

Laundry had to be taken care of and I’m so glad I have a good washer and dryer. Then the dishes were to do so I put them in the dishwasher and started it.

My friend in the halfway house called for a short visit. We were talking about his job search and he mentioned how much easier it is these days with everything at his fingertips. I agreed and told him about something one of my Facebook friends had posted.


I’d responded

I’m from the Webster’s and Encyclopedia Britannica era but I sure am a Googler!

After several of us rhapsodized about Google, another of her friends commented on the graphic:

Love this. Kids use the internet as a crutch now days and they learn it in school. Its very sad. I homeschool one of my daughters and she does not use a caculater or the internet to look things up. We use the dictionary and the encyclopides i have since i was in school. We also learn about all the wars before nine eleven.

That’s a bit scary. Facebook has stopped showing if someone is posting from a phone so I can only hope…

Twinkle has eaten a whole can of food in less than 24 hours. She’s set a record for herself. If she doesn’t gain an ounce or two, I’m going to feel defrauded.

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  1. Terry in the keys October 7, 2014 at 10:05 pm #

    My phone helps correct spelling errors automatically, though it doesn’t always catch grammar problems.;-)

    • Tommie October 7, 2014 at 10:15 pm #

      Sometimes the “corrections” are anything from hilarious to embarrassing. The comment I quoted gave me pause because that person is homeschooling a child.

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