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Last night was a much more restful time. I coughed very little and definitely didn’t have the violent episode I did Friday night.

My bananas were ripe enough to try the pancake recipe I found on Ellen DeGeneres’ site. I didn’t read all the way through before I started putting ingredients in the blender so, instead of blending the oatmeal into the almond milk first, I chucked everything in and then read the directions. I really don’t think that had a lot to do with the outcome.

I chose my largest skillet and, since the house isn’t exactly level, I chose to use the skillet leveler my brother-in-law made me when I was visiting them in Seattle. It’s a nifty little thing.

Skillet Leveler

It is his own invention. He’d made several for my sister and a slew of them for their grandson to sell at school for a fundraiser. They went like hotcakes.

Two Pieces of Skillet Leveler

Here it is in action.

Skillet Leveler

TimerWell, I had my batter all mixed up and the recipe says to let it sit for 10 minutes before putting it in a skillet on medium heat. It was to be measured out in 1/4 cup quantities.

When I pushed the button on the timer, the whole thing came off the fridge. Someone had complained that the magnet is too weak but I think it’s just that the timer is so wide, pushing any of the buttons is going to make it come unstuck.

I pushed the “set” button and arrowed up to 10, then start. After a few minutes, I checked and I’d set it on 10 hours instead of 10 minutes. It still had a couple to go (plus nine hours) so I figured out how to clear it (which was pretty easy) and then set it for two minutes. Pushing “start” began the countdown. This timer is a lot more involved than my old one is but when I figure it out, it will be worth it.

The skillet was all ready so I scooped three 1/4 cup rounds into it. They bubbled and puffed up and were looking so good and light. Then I turned them. They puffed a little more and then went flat as, well, a pancake. They were/are very small. Six of them fit into a sandwich bag with room to spare.

Pancakes and Skillet Leveler

There is nothing light and fluffy about the pancake. The inside is rather wet. I don’t know how else to describe it. It isn’t gummy but it’s solid. Maybe my medium bananas are their large ones? It would have been a good idea to specify the amount of banana, say “mashed”, rather than the number. I won’t be doing anything different next time because there isn’t going to BE a next time. If I get a yearning for pancakes, I’ll just make pancakes sans egg.

I made sure I got 20 minutes of sun today. Big’Un and one of the Catz came over to keep me company. I sat beside the car where there was a bit of shelter from the wind. I think the temperature was something like 54 when I went out. It got down to 36 during the night so I’m sure my volunteer tomatoes will be practically inedible.

DD called and the phone rang once. I called her back and we talked a bit over an hour. She’s still wanting to get her own place, as in buying or building, but hasn’t settled on anything yet. Her apartment isn’t working out too well. Seems the ventilation is lacking for one thing.

My CIL came home today so I didn’t have to feed the critters. I may have to start back mid-week.

Speaking of later on, the weather is supposed to warm up beginning tomorrow. We may have a fall, after all.

Twinkle has been a little pig today. She’s eaten a lot of food. She also did a no-no and pooped on my bathroom floor while I was on the phone with DD.

I’d intended to call the Apple House about Fujis today. I’ll have to make a note to self to do that tomorrow.

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