Fingernails and Hair

It hasn’t been long since I took my fingernails back to a comfortable length. My hair grows at an alarming rate and I need it to slow down. All the conventional wisdom says that both my hair and fingernail growth should be slowing since I’m getting “up there” in age. I had to take quite a bit off my nails today because they were back to the stage they were interfering with typing. I’ve been thinking for a couple of weeks that my hair could use a major cut.

I was looking online for reasons I could look like Nebuchadnezzar in the wild in not very many weeks. Nothing makes sense. Both fingernail and hair growth can speed up with good levels of vitamin D. Mine was very low when it was tested recently. It was 28.9 which is below the bottom of the normal range (30-100).

While I was perusing the WWW, I came upon a site from the UK regarding vitamin D. That’s the quiz part. If you read about sunlight in the United Kingdom, you’ll find that we’re pretty lucky in the States. Much of the year there, the sun isn’t strong enough to make the body manufacture vitamin D. When I took the quiz, I got all the answers right.

I hadn’t realized how late it was when I broke for bed last night. When I took my pedometer out of my pocket, it had already reset to zero and had 120 steps on it after midnight.

As a consequence, I woke too late to get a decent start on the day. It had rained during the night and was still too cloudy to get out for any rays this morning. It was afternoon before I could get my 15 minutes in and the clouds were playing with the sun again. And Big’Un insisted on being petted.

After feeding the critters, I came back in and had a message from DS1. When I called him, he was all excited about a video he’d watched on youtube. It was, in his words, about when the world “goes to hell in a handbasket” and how one family is already learning how to survive such a possibility.

The thing that stood out to him was that they’d taken field corn, ground it into meal, cooked it to make mush, then chilled it, sliced it and fried it. Yes, I’ve done that and yes, he was right about eating it. The difference is, I didn’t use field corn and I didn’t grind it myself.

He went on to tell me about how the woman cooks outside much of the summer and has a woodburning cookstove in her kitchen. I remember the days when my mother had one and I still have the scars where I burned my arm on it. We didn’t have youtube back then so you are deprived of seeing how that happened.

Today was one of his “at home” days and he had black beans soaking for rice and beans for supper. We talked more about cooking and recipes. He should have been a chef.

y-d againI called about the exchange of my shoes today and that style is no longer available. The order was still showing as being open. I just checked my credit card account and it hasn’t been credited yet. If it doesn’t show up soon, I’ll have to call them back or dispute the charge.

Twinkle is getting low on food—again. That means another town trip soon. It was cheaper when she had no appetite but my nerves are steadier when she eats.

The Queen is on her chair (should I say throne?) and snoozing away. I’m sitting here when I think I should be prone. It’s time to call it a day and go to bed.

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