Rain, Rain and More Rain

It never rained hard. Just off and on. Mostly on. During one of the lulls, I went to the mailbox.

I texted Cuz to see if I was supposed to feed animules today but never heard back. The Catz haven’t been hanging around so I took that as a sign they’d been cared for. I hope I didn’t assume too much.

My sister emailed that my niece had an accident, her first. She hopes it will be her last. Hopefully, the damage will be fixable. From the pictures, the car that ran into her is worse off. As for injuries, there were none except for being shaken up and perhaps a few bruises. Tomorrow will tell the tale for soreness.

The lessons are still to finish up so I’d better get busy.

It’s been cool again today. Tomorrow is supposed to be back in the mid-80s. Twinkle is enjoying her heating pad in the meantime.

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