Sunday, Sunday

It was weird dream time last night. I don’t remember all of it but I was pregnant. I have no idea who the father was. All I know is, I was relieved when I woke and realized I was not With Child. My sleep was better in spite of surprises. I’d been cold the night before so I turned the waterbed heater on and got another blanket. Amazing what being comfortable can do.

This morning, I finished making my list for town and clipped my coupons. There were several “test” coupons I tucked outside the pockets so I could leave them for other people to use.

Shari posted on my timeline asking if I’d tried this yet:


I answered, “ARE YOU KIDDING?? I can’t even get the ice cream without driving 70 miles. This is so new, it probably won’t get here until my 102nd birthday. I know it doesn’t contain carrageenan but that’s about it.” She replied, “I didn’t know you had such limited choices in your area. Always wondered why you shopped at Wal Mart. I still have never set foot in one and there are 7 within 10 miles of my house and another on the way. Putting all my mom & pop stores out of business.”

Folks, she lives in Dreamy-Land when it comes to buying food. One of my favorite places is PCC. They even had fresh fava beans. And the olive bar! Wonderful!! I told her that, besides Walmart, there are four chain supermarkets in town and none of them have great selections. Not far from her are Asian markets, Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s…the list could go on and on. Fred Meyer (Freddie’s) is the store my sister loved to shop. Their produce section is as big as the whole Save a Lot in my town.

I went to one Walmart while I was out there and it was pretty pitiful. I wouldn’t frequent it, either. The only reason I walked in the door was to get my thyroid med prescription transferred. It had little to no produce and that’s what I look for, primarily. If there’s a good produce department, I’m hooked.

Cuz texted me she would be home so I wouldn’t have to do the feeding. I went out to get some stuff from the freezer, not realizing she was already there. She was obviously in a hurry so I didn’t say more than hi and bye.

After my shower, I was sitting at the computer checking out some prices when DD called. I told her I was getting ready to head out so we only talked 35 minutes. She’s making a good-sized dent in unpacking and putting away.

The town trip was pretty interesting. There was quite a line at the checkout so I struck up a conversation with the woman behind me. I offered to let her go in front of me since she had fewer items but she said fair was fair and I should go first. She did say I was the only person who had ever offered which seemed a little strange.

I mentioned I was retired and she said she was, too. I asked where she’d worked and she said Northwest Airlines which became Delta. “Flight attendant?” “Heavens, no! I was an [can’t remember the word she used] pilot.” The WORD made me think she might have been outspoken and not appreciated all that much. I told her my husband had been a pilot. “Is he still alive?” “No.” (He’s been as good as dead to me for years.) Then she said that, statistically, pilots don’t live as long as people from other walks of life.

We talked about one thing and another as the line moved slowly. I’d warned her I had price match and coupons. She said she’d try not to scream too much. My first coupon didn’t scan. A lot of times, they don’t until the scanner is cleaned. The girl didn’t even try. She just did an override on all of them. So…between my price match and the coupons, I got half gallons of Silk unsweetened vanilla for $1.50 each.

The lady told me she enjoyed our conversation and reiterated her appreciation that I’d offered for her to go ahead.

It had started to rain (again) when I walked to the car. I don’t ever not put the cart where it belongs but I left it where it wouldn’t be in the way of any car.

Walmart didn’t have everything I wanted. I stopped and got the remainder at Bi-Lo. The cashier was a young kid trying to be cool and flinging things to the fellow bagging. I said, “Produce WILL bruise.” He gave me a blank look. I phrased it another way, “Fresh food will bruise.” He kind of shrugged and that was that.

I’d price matched three avocados at Walmart for 49 cents each. The ones at Bi-Lo were much nicer and the sign said 89 cents. That was 40 cents more but a trip to ALDI would set me back far more than that. I got five. They are like #1. The ones from Walmart are all the way to the other end. Or maybe one step away.


The rain had stopped by the time I left Bi-Lo. I figured I’d go to the produce place but when I saw closed doors, I remember they don’t open on Sunday any more. I still have tomatoes Cuz sent me by my CIL so I’m okay.

At home, I keyed my TC code into the Savings Catcher and then went on to check my Bi-Lo receipt. The avocados had rung up at $1.69. They were nice but not THAT nice. I called and told the CSR. She said to keep my receipt and they’ll refund the difference next time I’m in town. That will be $4 plus tax (shades of Mother).

My sister emailed and asked the name of the song I don’t like and the preacher who’s long-winded. Turns out she doesn’t like the song, either (maybe it’s because our mother was very musical and it ain’t), and will be on the lookout for the preacher.

My friend in Federal Prison has to be excited tonight. He’s moving to a halfway house tomorrow.

Twinkle is lurking and looking expectant. I’m sure she needs to be fed before I go to bed. Tonight, there’s cause for celebration. I have dental floss.

4 Responses to Sunday, Sunday

  1. Terry in the keys September 7, 2014 at 4:41 pm #

    Yeah! Dental floss again at last! Say hi to Shari for me, I’ve lost her email address. Enjoy the rain, it could be snow soon.:-)

    • Tommie September 8, 2014 at 2:02 am #

      Will do. And there HAS been a lot of rain this summer. We may have a lot of snow this winter!

  2. Lila September 8, 2014 at 12:34 am #

    I appreciate the avocado info. Also, I’m curious about the hymn you don’t care for; maybe I don’t either.

    • Tommie September 8, 2014 at 2:03 am #

      You’re welcome. I’ll email you.

      BTW, I never buy avocados that don’t have stems. They deteriorate much faster without it.

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