I Bit the Bullet

I called Publix. “Do you give senior discounts?” “Yes. Every Wednesday.” That settled it. I was going shopping today.

Last night’s sleep was on again, off again as it usually is these warm nights. I woke refreshed enough that I didn’t feel I needed to postpone my trip. The closest Publix is 33.5 miles from my house to their front door. I figured the four 55 cent coupons for So Delicious and the 5% discount would cover at least a gallon of gas and that would be the distance one way. My coupons would expire on September 1 and I’d be durned if I wasn’t going to use them.

By the time I was ready to go, it was early afternoon. When I started backing out the car, I spied a pickup truck parked perilously close to my turning around spot and what was worse, the tailgate was down. Now, backing up to a truck is bad enough but having to allow for a tailgate was too much. I didn’t think I was going to be able to maneuver enough to get out of the driveway but I finally did.

I’d never been to this particular Publix before. I’d never been that far on that road. I should have looked up the exact location online but I had a good idea where it was/is. I wasn’t sure whether it was on the left side of the road or the right but, on a hunch, I stayed in the right lane.

Spying the sign when I was still several hundred feet away, I had no idea how to get to it. I went past the sign (there was no way in there) and found a street that looked like it might work and it did.

Vanilla BeanThe produce area is where produce areas usually are but it was at least four times the size of “my” Walmart’s. I put blinders on and went through without picking anything up. I was there for ice cream and almond milk/mylk. The ice cream isn’t available very many places and the almond m/m was on sale and I hadn’t printed off the ad.

Everyone working there seemed so happy. Maybe it was my imagination but all the employees I passed called out cheery hellos and smiled. When I got to the checkout, a girl was waiting so I asked her if she needed a victim. Yes, she did and she smiled. “Will you give me a discount because I’m old?” “If you insist!” and she laughed. I told her not to let me forget my coupons and she chanted over and over, “Coupons coupons coupons.”

She totaled everything, gave me my discount and started scanning the coupons. Then she gave them a closer look. Apologetically, she said, “These aren’t for the milk you got.” She was right. “No, they are for the ice cream.” She pulled a carton of the ice cream out and saw that all was well.Chocolate

I took my purchases to the car and put everything in the cooler I’d brought along.

Getting out of the parking lot was as much of a challenge as getting in but I followed my instincts and was soon back on the highway and headed to Walmart. On the way, I stopped and filled the car with gas. The warning light had been blinking at me occasionally.

The Produce Guy hailed me from across the pitifully small section that’s Walmart’s. He was waiting for a shipment to come in and had time to chat. We visited about peaches and the smoothies the Sample Lady had been giving out earlier. Peaches, milk and ice. Didn’t sound like anything I’d want but I was glad he liked them. He’s looking forward to his vacation that starts Monday. I’m glad for him but I’ll miss having him there to help me.

I gathered up what I needed and was heading to the bathroom when I saw another Walmart friend (she’s also a Facebook friend). She was planning to take off early and go home because she wasn’t feeling good. Turns out she has lupus.

After I checked out, I saw yet another Walmart friend (as well as Facebook). She was busy so we waved and I went on.

I’d been eating Roma tomatoes which are good but I’ve had a yen for a big ol’ summertime tomato. The produce place had just what I wanted. I got three and paid cash, asking for $1 bills in change so I won’t be money-less Sabbath.

The truck was still blocking the driveway when I got home so I pulled in a different way. Guess I’ll be marooned until it’s moved.

Getting the ice cream out of the cooler, I headed to the garage. OH NO!! There was a large bag of tools on top of the freezer. I tried to pick it up but thought better of it. It was heavy. I went to the house and knocked on the back door. When my CIL appeared, I told him I needed to open the freezer. Oh, yes! His tools were on it. And here I thought Cuz had told him to NEVER EVER put anything on the freezer.

The ice cream safely stowed (and the thermometer read 1.2 degrees F), I unloaded everything else, put it away, changed clothes, ate and here I am.

Twinkle thinks she needs to be fed. It’s getting late so I guess I should take care of her and get ready for bed soon. Oh, shoot! I forgot to get dental floss and I used the last of mine yesterday.

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  1. Lila August 28, 2014 at 2:52 am #

    Wondering where the Publix you went to is located, since it seemed to be new territory for you.

    • Tommie August 28, 2014 at 3:08 am #

      Not really new territory. I’ve been in that area before, just not as far.

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