Peace and Quiet

This morning, I checked the thermometers and the displays for the sensors were blank. I held my breath and put the batteries back in and all was silent. Not a peep, except for the ones that let me know they’d connected. I still haven’t put the backs on yet. I’m waiting, still unconvinced that all is well.

If anyone was watching, they probably thought, “That poor old woman must be demented!” I went out and checked the mailbox a little after noon and then again a couple hours later. Nothing. This is the one time I would have welcomed some junk mail just to let me know the mail person had been here.

I called the animal hospital and yes, they have a case of Feline y/d. I asked them to save it for me and I’ll get it before Twinkle runs out of what she has.

Twinkle's Food

The can is 5.5 ozzies which isn’t nearly as big as this makes it look. When you figure one can is almost $2.50, that can add up. It’s a good thing I like Twinkle.

I feel sorry for the sugar babies. The only food they have right now is stuff they obviously don’t like. They’re used to baby food corn and the carrots and sweet potatoes are both thin and watery. I had to clean both their bowls today and get rid of a lot of remnants they’d left. Cuz had said not to feed them much of the treats (a mix of baby finger foods, Cheerios, some kind of Chex cereal and [it looks like] Trix). Not one to willingly make an animal starve, I gave them a bit extra of that.

Today has been as sunny as yesterday was clouded over. It’s been nice but hot.

DS1 called me a little while ago. I guess he was still on the road because he was talking about the police pulling people over in a construction zone. Unless he has another trip, he should be off tomorrow. He helps my DIL at the church a lot of times on Friday, though.

The bulletin secretary sent me the bulletin and additional announcements so I set to and updated my file from last week. That way, I didn’t have as much to do as far as the lineup was concerned. I need to widen the gutter but, at least, it’s centered now. I’ll leave that for another time. It’s nice to be able to upload it as a pdf and not have to copy and paste it into Facebook.

I feel like setting up the Facebook page for DS2 was a waste of time. If my DIL doesn’t promote it and get people to “like” it, no one will know it’s there. Oh, well. I’ve done my part.

It’s pretty warm tonight. The two old indoor/outdoor thermometers are in the kitchen on the counter. They’re within eight inches of each other but the temperature on one is 1.6 degrees cooler than the other. Which one should I use?

2 Responses to Peace and Quiet

  1. Mary Jane August 22, 2014 at 1:37 am #

    Twinkle eats like a king! Maybe you should call her Queen Twinkle! It’s true that a pet really becomes one of the family and should be given good care, even though it can get expensive.
    Hope she still has several cat lives left.

    • Tommie August 22, 2014 at 1:46 am #

      Twinkle’s official title is Queen of All She Surveys. She seems to be unstoppable.

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