THAT’S Better

I was awake by 4:30 TT. I didn’t get up then but lay in bed, thought and prayed for almost an hour. When it was obvious I wasn’t going back to sleep, I got up and checked on (three guesses and the first two don’t count) my blog. It was back up and no problems in sight. I was thankful for merm all over again. She still hasn’t given me the damages so I don’t know where I stand in that department. When I asked last night, she just emailed back, “Not sure you need to contribute yet 🙂 going to see if this fixes it first” I don’t know whether to pursue or leave well enough alone until I hear from her again.

It was probably because of the lifting of stress but I had an infusion of energy and was able to Get Things Done. Not enough that it makes that much difference but as They say, every little bit helps.

My vacation is over. It was nice while it lasted. I got a message from Cuz saying they were on their way out and would I feed “the guys” until they get back. Tomorrow it starts again.

Kimberly, Genese’s daughter, had downloaded a colorizer for Facebook and it turned out to be a virus. I looked on the Chrome Web Store and found that there are several that can be added to the browser and all of them are safe. I added one of them (fabulous [that’s the name of the app]) to my browser and here’s what it looks like now. I can change the different parts of the background, too, but all I went for was the bar across the top and the font.


My sister had posted this. Wonder if she will be able to find it if she needs it? Guess she could search through my posts.

I got started looking at Chrome memes and this is one of the best ones I found:

Internet Explorer

That’s mentally me. Not physically. I don’t have a beard. Not yet, anyway. I dislike Internet Explorer so much I even unpinned it from the taskbar and took the shortcut off my desktop.

My sister emailed she was glad about the suggestions regarding cooking corn. I emailed back that it’s best done in the oven. When I sent her instructions, she said I should have put them on this morning’s post along with the other so here they are:

I usually do 450-475 and turn it as it starts charring. When it’s charred all the way around, it’s done. I’ve never timed it. I just watch it. You want a good layer of husks to do it this way. If they’re dried out, soak them in water first.

I might add I also pull the shucks  back a little to make sure it’s critter-free.

Waking up as early as I did has me already yawning. Twinkle is still to be fed. Tommie ate more than Tommie shoulda and the teeth are already brushed. It’s bedtime!

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  1. Lila August 12, 2014 at 3:05 pm #

    I shared the flu remedy so if I need it I can find it on my time line.

    • Tommie August 12, 2014 at 3:13 pm #

      I always download such and put it in my Recipes folder so I don’t have to hunt.

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