Don’t Know Why…

Stormy weather. That’s what yesterday was. I got a few things done around the house but as soon as one storm moved out, another moved in. At one point, there were five close by on the radar. I don’t know where it hit, but there was a lightning strike near the house somewhere.

The yard salers got drenched unless they were selling inside. Some of my relatives had a canopy set up but it didn’t afford much in the way of shelter.

I’d said Cousin had been out and about but she emailed she’d stayed home and only got up to mow. I don’t blame her. She’d had quite a trip. It made me tired to hear about it. I believe she did go “sale-ing” yesterday, though.

Last night, things cooled off and my Earthing Bag and thin blanket weren’t enough. I warmed up in the tub and put the comforter back on the bed. It was all a twisted mess this morning.

Today was the general fellowship meal at church. I’d bought two 1 lub bags of Sam Mills gluten free pasta to make macaroni and cheese by this recipe. Before you think I paid that much for the pasta, I can get it locally for a fraction of the price. (Oh, and I’m not eating gluten-free exclusively. I like it because it doesn’t disintegrate like a lot of regular pasta does.) I’d waited to fix it until this morning. It didn’t take long. I made 1 1/2 recipes and it was perfect for the size casserole I had. Besides that, I took a couple of different kinds of chips I had on hand.

It had cleared off and if it rained at all today I wasn’t aware of it. I took my umbrella just in case, anyway.

The church was cold when I went in. I had to go outside to get warm but when I mentioned it to the deacon who was handing out bulletins, it set him off. Summer is a terrible time of year. He doesn’t understand people who say it’s their favorite season. They must stay in their air conditioned houses and ride around in their air conditioned cars and on and on. He finally said something about being bitter and I think he’s hit the nail on the head. I never know what’s safe to say around him so I guess I’ll just keep it to hello and good-bye.

Someone must’ve mentioned to the Cavalry that I was cold because he asked. I’d checked the thermostat and it was on 71 which was reasonable. I figure I’m so used to a hot house that 71 felt cooler than it would otherwise. He pushed it up a couple of degrees, anyway. Even with that, one of the ladies was still cold but she has no insulation whatsoever.

The pianist played the piano until time for the church service to start when she moved to the organ. I tried to see what combination she was using but I couldn’t tell from where I was. I hope it didn’t sound like that when I played. I’d forgotten my hearing aids so maybe I was hearing more bass than everyone else was.

The sermon must’ve been a good one. The only thing I understood was “passport”. I’ll have to remember my aids after this.

After the service, I made my way to the kitchen and found my casserole had been put in the oven. For some reason, the lower rack won’t move so one of the men had to take the upper one out to get to it. I didn’t want it to dry out and the lid wouldn’t fit on it unless it was on the top one.

The Cavalry’s wife had cooked potatoes and I asked for a few to mash without canned milk. She gladly gave them to me. I’d forgotten my kala namak so I had to use regular table salt. There were several casseroles of macaroni so people got plenty.

The Computer Owner took the rest of my macaroni which was fine. I don’t like bringing food home and I have more macaroni and Daiya if I want to make some. She’d brought me some Melaleuca stuff I’d ordered but I don’t think she intended it as a swap.

When I got home, I got out my little carton of Coconut Bliss and had half a cup. It’s not something I eat very often. Besides being expensive, it’s quite fattening. I wish I could get So Delicious coconut ice cream. The fat grams are significantly less than the Coconut Bliss. You can see the comparison below. So Delicious is on the left and (obviously) Coconut Bliss is on the right. This is comparing chocolate to chocolate.

Nutritional Comparison

I’ve downloaded the form to have a local store order So Delicious but it might be a lost cause. Here’s what it looks like.

2014-06-24 15_07_07-So Delicous Dairy Free

When I’ve asked about it, I’ve never been met with much encouragement. Publix (which is about a 60 mile round trip) has it. One of these days, I might go and lay in a supply.

On the 4th Quarter front, I’m up to lesson 9. Making progress!

On the Twinkle front, this afternoon, I was dodging her and trying to put food in her dish. It dropped off the little utensil I use for such and landed on the floor. I had to pick it up with my fingers and it was horrible! I’m glad I don’t have to eat that stuff. She’s been fed for the night and is peacefully sleeping. I plan to be doing the same (except for eating cat food) soon.

4 Responses to Don’t Know Why…

  1. Lila August 10, 2014 at 7:38 am #

    I would be cold in a 71-degree church!

    • Tommie August 10, 2014 at 11:32 am #

      Wonder what the magic temperature is?

  2. Mary Jane August 10, 2014 at 10:41 am #

    Got here! Don’t know why I couldn’t do it earlier.

    • Tommie August 10, 2014 at 11:33 am #

      It’s a merm thing. I got the out of memory message a minute or two ago.

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