A Pineapple Blanket

I slept much better. lt was reasonably cool and I was already out of it. Maybe my dreams were stranger than usual because I was so tired. A very real one had me sleeping in my Earthing Bag (and, no, I didn’t pay that much for it) with a blanket made from sheets of pineapple fused together some way. I must say it was comfortable.

After so many days of mango cubes on a plate, I rebelled. I put it all in a blender and made mango pudding. It was scrumptious!

Mango Pudding

I know that doesn’t look like much but the soup mug holds a LOT. I’m not sure how much but it’s ‘way more than 16 ozzies. Then I folded in some blueberries.

With Blueberries

They really set it off. The occasional bursts of blueberry goodness made for nice surprises.

It’s been a hot day today. I couldn’t bring myself to exercise. I started to but I couldn’t carry through. I’m glad I don’t indulge in the 690 mile yard sale. Thunderstorms are supposed to start tonight and last off and on through Tuesday night. With temperatures in the high 80s, that will make for killer humidity.

Cousin yard-saled today and then came home to mow. I don’t know if she got it all done or not. I heard the mower and looked out and the next thing I knew, it was parked.

I have through lesson 6 done (mostly) and have started on 7. Laundry has been taken care of so I don’t have that to do tomorrow. Twinkle has been fed off and on all day today. Maybe I should eat multiple small meals. That might be what keeps her so skinny.

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