Catching Up

When I was getting ready for bed, I was so tired I decided I didn’t need to take any melatonin. I was sure I’d sleep. And I did. The trouble was, I woke so often during the night, I didn’t get much quality rest. Tonight, it will be back to a half dose of melatonin, thank you anyway.

My store of fruit is getting low and my veggies were even lower. I didn’t have the urge to go to town so I toured two of the places on the mountain where I can get good produce.

The first place, I got greasy beans and tomatoes (green, getting ripe and vine ripened). I told my former co-worker friend about my credit card near-fiasco and she remembered the previous one. She retired from the hospital last October and seems much happier.

A lot of people who aren’t from around here (and maybe some who are) aren’t acquainted with greasy beans. They are so called (I understand) because they are so shiny. In other words, they look like they have been oiled. Hence “greasy”. My father-in-law grew the best I’ve ever had.

Greasy Beans

After my purchases were made and we finished catching up, I went on to the Apple House. I’d kind of dreaded going on Sunday because it’s so busy but when I pulled in today, there was one other vehicle.

Since it was so slow, the lady behind the counter had plenty of time to talk. I told her the Facebook page said they were closed permanently and the web site hadn’t been updated to show the peaches are coming in (it still hasn’t). I don’t think they realize how many people look things up online these days and don’t appreciate how much that can impact their business.

I got nine peaches for $5 (I wasn’t prepared to try to eat a half bushel by myself), two squash and a zucchini. When I wrote my check, the lady exclaimed over how close I live. I said yes, that if you turn by so-and-so’s house, it’s even closer.

She looked sad and said, “She went down so fast.” It was my turn to be surprised. Turns out the lady I used to buy strawberries from (and was my mother-in-law’s hairdresser) died a year and a half ago. She had leukemia and the chemo had caused her to lose the thick red hair that was her trademark. It reinforced my resolve to let whatever might strike me run its course. From what the lady said, she’d suffered a lot from what was supposed to be the cure.

When I got home, I drank my water, fried up one of the probably two green tomatoes I’ll have this summer, cooked some peas and heated up leftovers for my supper.

It’s been HOT in here today. The kitchen got up to 92 and it was 85 at 7:30 here in the living room. This morning, I broke down and ordered a Cooler Master for my netbook. I’d rather spend $20 now to keep it going than have it croak and have to replace the whole thing. I checked cheaper coolers but they don’t seem to last. Thankfully, my notebook doesn’t seem to generate a lot of heat and the Cooler Master without the fans (one got out of balance) does the trick.

Twinkle is lying within the range of the stand fan. The Visitor has disappeared. It’s not too long until bedtime and the katydids are gracing the night with their symphony.

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  1. Lila July 28, 2014 at 10:42 am #

    Mmmmmmmm, greasy beans! Never knew why the name before – interesting. Glad this is back up and running.

    • Tommie July 28, 2014 at 10:50 am #

      I never knew until I googled it! 🙂

      I’m glad, too.

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