Yesterday was pretty routine. The Visitor had traveled far outside its 8″x 8″ box going several inches to the right. This morning, it was probably 18″ to the left of that. It’s like watching a clock’s hands move. They do but you can’t see it.

I waited until I was sure the mailperson had run and went to get the mail. There was a church magazine—and my credit card! I spent some time updating my information for sites the automatically put charges on the card monthly. I also added the card to Amazon, deleting the old one. Today, I have been inundated with emails from Amazon that my subscribe and save items have been put on hold until my new card is added. I thought putting it in my account information would automatically take care of it but I guess not. I’ll probably not have most of the S&S items delivered next month, anyway.

Sometime during the day, I looked out and my cousin’s twin brother (who is also my cousin) was mowing the lawn. I did work around the house, laundry and exercised in spite of the heat. I haven’t figured out how to get the Redneck A/C close enough to do any good when I’m sitting still. It’s so loud, though, it gives me a headache where it is. If anyone out there is planning to make one, don’t use a metal cooler.

Since I’m getting to bed and getting up earlier, I had time to drink an extra 16 ozzies of water. Surely that isn’t what kept me awake last night because I drank it early enough it should have made its way through my system before bedtime. I felt itchy so I got up and soaked in the tub for a while. Surely that would help me relax but no! I was wide awake.

I got up and took a tablespoonful of coconut crystals and got on the computer. It wasn’t long before I was getting sleepy so I went to bed for the third time. I went to sleep but I didn’t sleep well. I was awake by a little after 6.

It was my goal to get to church for the lesson study. I decided to print off the lesson helps (aka References). I didn’t realize it was 18 pages.

My Personal Shopper friend had gotten some things for me at the university supermarket and forgot to bring it last week. She called this morning to make sure I was coming. I had my hearing aids to put in (I’d planned to clean the stems but didn’t have time) and my shoes to put on and I’d be ready to walk out the door. Twinkle had other ideas so I had to feed her, too.

The lesson was underway when I got there. They’d gotten an early start. The pastor was teaching. I sat on the back row and the Computer Owner joined me. I looked at my printout one time. Guess I won’t be wasting paper and ink any more.

The Personal Shopper friend gave me the study guide for the next quarter. I’m all set if the HTML person will do his thing.

A couple came in—a woman in a wheelchair and (I figured) her husband was pushing her. The pianist gave them a quarterly and I got them bulletins. The woman wasn’t timid about speaking up (like I am) and said she thinks about things she wants and then she realizes she has things that are blessings. She said she has a wheelchair that will handle just about any type of terrain and there’s a path into the woods near their house that she can access. While she would love to be able to walk, she is thankful for her wheelchair.

A bit later, she was looking around at her husband. Finally, she looked at me and indicated she needed help. I got up and showed them the way to the restroom. The wheelchair wouldn’t fit through the standard-size door so her husband had to walk her on in. I closed the outside door so they could have some privacy. When they came out, one of the elders helped with getting her back in her chair.

Settled back in the sanctuary, the pianist began to play the meditation music on the piano. The organ was closed. Song service started and I raised my hand to pick a song every time but I was invisible.

This time the pianist wasn’t caught off-guard and played the introit at the proper time.

The preliminaries over, the men vacated the sanctuary and the women were left to pair off and wash each other’s feet. The Computer Owner and I agreed to serve each other. One of the newer attendees told me it was the first time she had experienced Communion. That could be exciting.

My Personal Shopper friend figured out a way for the lady in the wheelchair to participate. The Computer Owner gave me a good back rub. She has a real talent.

By and by, the men filtered back in. I wondered if the pianist would play the piano and she did. Everything was going the way it usually did except, for the first time in years, I was able to be part of the congregation and not partake at the organ.


I remembered to pick things up with my right hand so I didn’t have any problems.

After we “sang a hymn and went out”, I went over to ask if the couple needed help carrying things. Yes! Could I carry the purse and Bible? I did and we headed to the Fellowship Hall. I wished them a happy rest-of-the Sabbath and she wanted to know if I wasn’t staying for the meal. No. I have a hyperthyroid cat that I needed to feed.

One of the first things I did when I got inside was to check on The Visitor. It had moved all the way down to the bottom of the screen and was holding onto the frame. That’s where it still is. I can see part of its upper left wing and one eye. That’s about it.

I ate too much this afternoon. I can’t blame that on not eating enough breakfast because that was a substantial meal. I’ve finished drinking my water and plan to go to bed soon since my night last night has me pretty washed out.

Someone is cremating a dead animal body. That’s one smell of summer that I don’t enjoy.

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  1. Lila July 26, 2014 at 9:04 pm #

    I wonder if you had any inclination at all to play the organ, since the service had to proceed without it. Probably not, but I miss the organ when it isn’t being played.

    • Tommie July 27, 2014 at 7:32 am #

      No. It would have been nice if someone else had played it but it was very nice to be part of the congregation in, literally, many years. One person told me he missed my playing. Even if I’d wanted to play, I hadn’t worn anything on my feet but sandals so they would have stuck to the pedals.

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