Still Here

The Visitor has moved from its 8″x 8″ area on to the right of the screen. There’s a little critter that’s been crawling on different parts of it. I wonder if it’s some kind of parasite. I can’t get to it. I could blast both of them with water but I won’t do that, either.

When I finished with my quiet time this morning, something on the chair caught my eye. It was too small for a bumblebee and too big for a honeybee. My empty water glass was sitting beside the computer so I got it and put it over the critter. Sliding a piece of paper over the opening, I carried it to the front door and released it. I don’t know how such insects get in. The other day, a wasp was swooping around the kitchen and landed on Twinkle’s nose. It’s the first time I ever saw her look cross eyed. That would have been a picture! It was sort of like this.


I got a small jar to capture the wasp and took it outside, too.

Not a whole lot else has happened today. I heard from my friend in Federal Prison. He’s getting all excited about his move to a halfway house in a couple of months. It will be a big change.

Nothing was in the mailbox when I made my trek. Yesterday and the day before, there were boxholders. I wish there were some way to stop them, too, though I do like the Shopper when it has the Save a Lot ad. Bananas are almost always on sale for 49 cents a lub.

Out of curiosity, I was going to compare some of the lesson helps with a published booklet. It was for the third quarter of 2013. When I clicked on “Helps”, it went to a 404 page. I looked on the server and the whole folder was missing. The editor was quite shaken when I emailed her about it. She hoped I’d kept a copy of the files. As it turns out, I’d transferred all of them from my then notebook to the replacement. It didn’t take long to create the directory and upload the files. What happened to them, I’ll never know but they are there now.

Seems the more I sleep the more I want to sleep. I’m already about out of it now so I’ll wind this up and go to bed.

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