A Scientific Experiment

I go through a lot of toilet tissue. Even though I can no longer claim to be a raw foodist, I still eat a lot of fresh fruit which translates into more water in my diet. That means more trips to the bathroom because I haven’t cut down on the amount of Adam’s Ale I drink.

When I was at Walmart the last time, I was looking at all the different kinds of tissue available. I usually get Angel Soft in the largest package which insures me of a supply for a long time before I have to restock. This trip, though, I was thinking about my budget and where I might be able to cut corners. One place I won’t cut is food. It’s my belief that the most important expenditure is for what goes into my body and while I like to get bargains and actively seek them out, I will not skimp on quality or quantity to save a dime.

Angel SoftThat’s getting me off the current subject, though. As I was going down the bathroom tissue aisle, I was looking at the price breakdown of different brands. A 12 double-roll package of Angel Soft sells for (I think) $5.74. It has 264 sheets per roll. I don’t remember the formula Walmart uses on their shelf stickers but the price per unit was considerably higher than some of the other brands.

Wandering along, I happened to notice a display of packages that didn’t have a brand name. That was odd. I’d never really seen it before because I’m usually zoned in on getting done and out of the store ASAP. The unit price was 12+ cents. The package price was $5.68. It said it’s septic tank safe (a biggie as far as I’m concerned). I figured I could spring for one package and if I didn’t like it, I wouldn’t buy it again. If I did like it, Walmart would probably quit carrying it, considering my history with them.

No Name Tissue

I used one roll and it isn’t half bad. It definitely hasn’t been bleached white white (like a lot of name brands have been) which appeals to me. It’s also two-ply.

The rolls seemed bigger so I started looking on the package. Angel Soft/264 sheets per roll. No name/374 sheets per roll. That figures out to be 29.5% more sheets per roll for the cheaper brand.

Then I decided I would put it to the length-of-time-to-finish-a-roll test and do a comparison. The numbers are in and the Angel Soft lasted just about half as long as the No Name. I’ll have to admit there are a lot of variables there and to be fair, I’d have to count bathroom trips and intensity to be more accurate. I won’t go that far, though. I’ll just leave it with the No Name wins on the budgetary front.

When I was doing my TP research, I came across some interesting youtube videos going from the manufacture to stocking a supply for hard times.

That isn’t all I’ve done today. When I looked out this morning, I noticed my CIL was home. I called the house and he said yes, he’d fed the critters so I wouldn’t have to. Then, this afternoon, I got so sleepy I went to bed and took a nap. Highly unusual.

A lady called from Walmart and said they have more Dole Banana Dippers in. I asked her to put some back for me and I’ll get them the next trip to town. Nice to have personalized service. Now, if they’d get So Delicious coconut ice cream back…

It got above 86 degrees in the kitchen. I’m thankful the days are getting shorter. That means more time for the house to cool down between the onslaught of heat. I don’t know where Channel 3 is located (each of the sensors is assigned a channel number but I only have two sensors) but it always shows the low as 39.9. Maybe it’s in someone’s refrigerator.

I’d asked about going back in the archives on SSNET and changing the links to take out the reference to “mobile”. I should keep my thoughts to myself. I’ve done as far back as the first quarter of 2013. My access only goes to the second quarter of 2011. Anything before that will stand as it is.

Twinkle has wanted lap time today but it’s been ‘way too warm. She’ll have to either take advantage of the early morning or wait for cooler weather.

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  1. Lila July 16, 2014 at 8:15 am #

    Tommie, is the TP winner Walmart’s brand, or do you think it might be sold other places?

    • Tommie July 16, 2014 at 8:26 am #

      It states on the wrapper, “Distributed by Walmart Stores, Inc.”

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