Perfect Timing

Cuz texted me this morning that she would be coming by so I wouldn’t have to be concerned with the critters. I was glad to know. I asked if she’d fix the screen in the storm door when she had time. I didn’t mean for her to do it today but she said she’d take care of it.

When she got here, she had help. One of her crew was with her. I think she had an easier job of it when she did it by herself but maybe not.

This afternoon, it started raining. Again. Everything is a beautiful green but if history repeats itself, it will change next month.

I don’t like to exercise when it’s storming but since it was just a summer shower, I decided I’d go ahead with it. This time, there was a new guy from “Frisco” in school. He played the guitar and had longish hair. Deperna was giving him a hard time and Kevin took up for him. One thing led to another and he asked his dad for a guitar so he could learn to play and be in a band—almost every kid’s dream.

Since Dad wouldn’t foot the bill for the guitar, he took his lawn-mowing money and bought a second-hand guitar and amplifier. He’d plugged it in and started playing

Rock n Roll
and the lights all through their house started flickering then died. It was at that very moment that the rain shower turned into a storm and the power went off—here. It didn’t stay off long but the timing couldn’t have been more apt. I’m still amazed. I turned everything back on and Netflix resumed the program just before the scene where it had been stopped.

The Catz haven’t been around much today. Cuz didn’t see them at all and I’ve only seen two. I hope they’re okay.

Last night was a bit cooler so I put an extra blanket on the bed. It was a mess when I got up so I pulled just about everything loose and started over. It’s been airing out today.

Twinkle must be fed and I need to fill the distiller. And the beat goes on…

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