A New Chapter

Yesterday was as busy as any day can be when it gets up to 83 in the house. I tried to talk myself into exercising but it was no use. My mind and body joined forces and said, “NO!” so I didn’t. I did the usual chores and that was that.

Twinkle spent some time in one of her favorite spots.

A Mere Shadow

I’d gone back and forth with the editor about the templates and nothing has been settled yet. It all depends on what the HTML expert did for what is now the current quarter. There was a bit of a curveball, too. The mobile BibleGateway has been redirected to the “new” and “improved” site. New is right. The improved part only serves to point out that change is not alway progress. The mobile site is now flagged as legacy which is synonymous with outdated. I’ve sent an email to see if that site will be left up permanently or if it will be phased out.

Thankfully, the house had cooled off enough toward bedtime that I was able to get some decent sleep. I’d set the timer but I either slept through it or it was turned down so far I didn’t even hear it.

Tomato trucks were a dim memory until I got behind one this morning. I squeaked into the parking lot at the church barely on time. Song service had already started. I had to unlock the organ and get everything set up before I could join in. Then I couldn’t hear the numbers for some of the songs because I had my aids turned down enough so I wasn’t deafened by the piano.

The bulletin was littered with “TBAs”. I could remember when that wouldn’t have been allowed under some of the previous pastors. One of them would even make sure that the “gutter” in the center of the bulletin was even. I’d spend many an hour poring over the copy until it was exactly right. History. There are a few remnants of my reign left as bulletin secretary. I was the one that put the prayer song on the back and the three angels beneath the order of service. The format is largely mine, too, but that’s where it ends.

When I was checking my watch during class, I was thinking I wouldn’t ever have to do that again. There were lots of “last times’ today.

I finally exercised my right to pick the hymns if they hadn’t been turned in to be printed in the bulletin. I selected two of my favorites, “What a Friend We Have In Jesus” and “Open My Eyes”.

After the song that’s supposed to put everyone in a worshipful mood, I started playing the prelude. I was playing and playing and playing while I kept one eye on the signal light. It didn’t come on. I started on the second song. When that one was finished, still no light. Launching into the third one, I’d played it through once. Glancing around, I saw one of the ladies on the second row wildly waving and mouthing that they were ready to come in. I guess when things were rearranged for VBS, the signal light had gotten unplugged and no one thought to plug it in again.

Services over, the pianist came and just stood watching while I went through the music to find my piano books. I thought there were two but I only found one. I don’t know why I was being supervised. Perhaps it was thought I would try to sabotage the organ or something. Or maybe I was reading something into it that wasn’t there.

One of my requests for prayer was that a new home would be found for the sugar babies. The pastor’s daughter came running up after church wanting to know about them. I told her they belong to my neighbors but it falls to me to feed them almost every day. I explained that they’re very social creatures but no one is there to interact with them. My cousin had told me she was going to find someone to take them but that’s been a long time ago and nothing has happened. The daughter decided that, since she’ll be on her way to college soon, she wasn’t a good fit. AND, since they aren’t mine, I’m not the one to give them away or sell them. I’m merely praying/asking for prayer.

Speaking of said babies, when I got home I went on over and fed them and the Catz. I wanted the chores out of the way so I could rest.

On the way back, I stopped and got my last carton of coconut ice cream out of the freezer. I figured there was cause for celebration and, folks, I have celebrated. I’m not going to bother listing all I ate. One thing was an artichoke and I was disappointed. It was an heirloom ‘choke which is my favorite but it had all these little knotty things on the inside of a lot of the leaves.

Artichoke Bumps

I’ve posted the picture on the artichoke company’s Facebook page. Hopefully, they can tell me what they are.

The bill for my hospitalization came today. I hadn’t opened it until just now and the balance is for $500.36. It is supposed to be $550. I had questioned the additional contractual adjustment when I talked to the girl in the office the last time. She didn’t have access to the remittance advice and wasn’t inclined to research it. I guess I should just be thankful for the $49.64 discount that I wasn’t due. You can bet your boots I’ll ask for the 10% discount for prompt payment, though.

Well, it’s been a long day. I cleaned Twinkle’s dish and gave the tidbits to the Catz. She had a high old time hissing at them. Guess she may be ready for some more food before she hits the hay for tonight.

6 Responses to A New Chapter

  1. Joanie June 28, 2014 at 10:26 pm #

    AJ checked that it was plugged in, sooooo, evidently a malfunction of some sort?

    • Tommie June 30, 2014 at 8:49 am #

      I don’t know. I’m glad I looked around when I did or I might have still been playing. 😀

  2. Lila June 29, 2014 at 7:51 am #

    I hope your successor at the organ is a good one, else you may have regrets after you’ve rested a spell. This truly is a milestone.

    • Tommie June 29, 2014 at 8:15 am #

      There may not be one some Sabbaths. The pianist was my backup so if no one is there to play the piano…

  3. Bee August 13, 2014 at 3:27 pm #

    Did you find out what the spots on the artichoke were? I found your post via a google search looking for the same answer and haven’t been able to find anything.

    • Tommie August 14, 2014 at 12:39 am #

      Yes. I should have passed it along in a post. The marketing person from Ocean Mist replied in an email:

      “Small insects called thrips scratch the inside fleshy part of the artichoke petals to feed. The artichoke petals then heal the wound with these small little bumps. They are not poisonous nor do they cause harm.”

      I was offered a refund but since they’d already sent me a check for $5 prior to that, I didn’t request it.

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