Summertime, Take Two

It was hotter today than yesterday. The only way I can cope is to be pretty much inert. It got up to 85 in the house and Twinkle wanted lap time! I wanted her to decide to get down so I covered her up with a blanket. She tolerated it for a few minutes and then she decided enough was enough.

Hot!I’ve done a few things that didn’t require a lot of energy. My exercise was possible with two fans full throttle and Mother’s dress tucked up so my legs were bare.

The only cooking I did was my last artichoke. It was a letdown because the stem was very fibrous. The heirloom ones have a stem that’s tender enough to eat. Not this one. It was rather dry, too. Guess I’m spoiled.

Last night, I stayed up and did another lesson before I went to bed so I haven’t felt condemned not doing one today. I may do another one before I fly up for the night but if I don’t, no one will die.

Before I ate my ‘choke, I had some peach sorbet out of the freezer. It helped cool me off a bit which was nice.

I spied my CIL’s truck next door so I didn’t need to Feed the Animals. That was a relief. When I go out, I always look for the kittens and they’re never there. It’s rather depressing to think something has happened to them.

When I went out on the deck, it was so much cooler than the house though the thermometer (lying as usual) said it got up to 103. Whatever it was, it has drained me of energy.

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  1. Lila June 18, 2014 at 7:03 am #

    Do you have an air conditioner? There are times….

    • Tommie June 18, 2014 at 8:51 am #

      I do but mice invaded the ductwork and set up housekeeping. Until it’s either thoroughly cleaned or replaced, I’m not using either it or the furnace.

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