If No One Else Will Do It

Years ago, I had the Dish. I don’t remember what the deal was that got me Showtime for a penny. Maybe it was to soothe my ruffled feathers because of yet another problem with the DVR. Anyway, I didn’t watch many movies on Showtime. There weren’t that many that were worthwhile. For some reason, though, I recorded and watched “My Louisiana Sky. Then I watched it again. I lost count how many times I watched it but it went with the DVR when I had to send it back after I cut the cord.

My Louisiana SkyThen DD advised me to set up a wish list on Amazon. I put all sorts of things on it that I knew no one would ever buy me (like an electronic keyboard, a Garmin GPS, an ASUS Transformer, etc., etc.) and then I put affordable stuff including the DVD of “My Louisiana Sky”. It was one of the first items I listed.

And there it sat. Year after year, people would pick all around it or completely ignore my wish list and either get me a gift card or Something Else from Somewhere Else. I appreciated all of it. It’s nice to be remembered but I really did want that DVD.

Well, Mother’s Day of this year came along and DS1 and his gave me a handsome amount on a gift card. I was thinking about what I could get with it. DS1 had asked me how it worked if I didn’t spend it all at once. I explained to him that it would go on my account and I’d “draw” off of it until it was gone.

It stayed in my email for a couple of weeks before I activated it and then it sat some more. Then it dawned on me—I could get “My Louisiana Sky” with it and that would be that. It came yesterday. I opened the envelope but the case is still in the shrink-wrap. I won’t stay up long enough tonight to watch it and tomorrow is full. But I have it now and I don’t have to wonder if anyone is ever going to pick it.

Besides being visited by UPS, my cousin came and mowed the yard and we visited, plus I finished the third lesson for the third quarter 2014. I also went to town and used my printouts from Aldi to get a pineapple for 99 cents, avocados for 69 cents each, a honeydew for $1.49 and bananas for 44 cents a lub.

When I got home, I had unloaded what was inside the car but hadn’t touched the stuff in the trunk yet when the phone rang. It was the Housesitter. I hadn’t heard from her for weeks. She’s been without her car for almost that long. I don’t remember what she said is wrong with it but she catches rides with one of her neighbors on a regular basis.

I left the front door open after I’d gotten everything unloaded. The Catz were over here in force and I knew they had been fed. I caught one of them climbing the screen so I went and got a spray bottle that had diluted Sol U Mel in it. I misted that on the screen and it deterred them for a little while but it was evident that the screen was pulled out AGAIN all the way across the bottom. I got my handy dandy roll of package sealing tape, put it across the bottom of the opening and went outside to try to make the screen stick to it. It sort of works but not really. I do need some heavy gauge screening over the other to keep it from happening again.

The clock read a few minutes after 9 when I went to bed. I was thinking I hadn’t had leg cramps for quite some time. Snuggling into my cool waterbed, I went off to sleep only to be rudely awakened by—FOOT cramps! Both feet! I did what I could to relieve them and got up to hobble to the bathroom. It was after 11 then. I didn’t want to take anything for it because I needed to be able to be awake and ready to go to church on time. After they eased, I went back to sleep but I didn’t sleep well.

It’s going to be so nice when I can enjoy a service without watching the clock. I’d decided I’d synchronize my watch with the clock on the wall until I discovered said clock must not have had its battery changed lately.

Everything in the bulletin was TBA. I don’t do the bulletin and that’s still embarrassing to me. Even the sermon title was “TBA”. I asked the pastor for the songs and he’d set the pianist to picking them. I’d completely forgotten that I’m supposed to pick them, myself, if the speaker hasn’t done it in time to get them into the bulletin. I may have missed my only chance since I have three Sabbaths left.

Another thing that will be better is my hearing aids. If I have them tuned to hear voices, the piano is deafening. I can’t stop playing and adjust the volume/pitch. Well, I could but it would be awkward. I just kept thinking of things that will be more conducive to worship rather than monitoring.

After I came home, I drank my water and was overcome with the desire to sleep. I lay down and dozed a bit but never really nodded off. When I got up, five Catz were ganged up around the front door. I misted with the spray again and they backed off.

I texted my cousin and asked if I was supposed to feed the critters. She’d said something yesterday about my CIL but I didn’t remember if it had anything to do with today or not. The answer came back—“please”. One of the Catz is intent on winding around my feet when I’m walking and I have to dodge repeatedly so I took the spray bottle with me. When she’d start, I’d pull the trigger. Finally, it got so all I had to do was point it at her and she’d retreat.

The babies were completely out of water so I was glad I’d asked. The male peeked out of his little hammock while I was getting everything together and sampled the baby food. I didn’t see the females but the food in their cage was gone so I’m sure they were okay.

With the Catz fed, I came home with rain beginning to fall for the second time today. It dawned on me I’d left the spray bottle on the counter but I wasn’t going to get drenched to get it. The Catz were occupied with eating so I didn’t need it at the moment, anyway. When it quit raining, I went back and got it.

For the first time since my hospitalization (I think), I had a salad. I know. I’m the Giant Salad Person but if you’ve ever been really really sick, you don’t want to eat what came back up repeatedly. I steeled myself, though, and made a salad of romaine, Campari tomatoes, onion, avocado, red beans and lime juice. It was good. It’s stayed down and I haven’t felt sick. As a matter of fact, I also had some rosemary olive oil bread (I wouldn’t have known it had either if it hadn’t said so), then a cup of coconut ice cream with vegan chocolate chips. I feel like a pig.

Twinkle has been nudging my feet. That means she’s wanting me to put food in her dish so I’d best go do what the Boss tells me to do.

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  1. Lila June 1, 2014 at 5:11 am #

    Never heard of “My Louisiana Sky” before, but glad you finally have it.

    • Tommie June 1, 2014 at 8:29 am #

      I think it’s a Showtime movie, meaning it was made for and only shown on Showtime. It’s obviously a good ‘un.

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