A Strawberry Feast

It wasn’t an “all you can eat” but they were fresh as could be and locally grown. I might add they haven’t been aided by any chemicals of any kind, either.

Small Red BeansI’ve been working on the third quarter now and then today. Somewhere along the way, I got a yen for pinto beans. I checked my store of legumes and found I didn’t have any. There were red beans and they are just as good so I “looked” the rest of the bag that was in the fridge.

My favorite way to cook them is to wash them well after picking out all the foreign objects and/or broken beans. Then I put them in the pressure cooker and cover them with a couple inches of water. Bring them to a hard boil, turn off the heat, close them up and let them sit for an hour.

After the hour is over, I check them to see if any additional water is needed (yes, just a tad), stir them, put the lid and weight on, crank the heat up and let it come all the way up to pressure. Then I back off on the heat to keep the weight rocking.

When 20 minutes has gone by, I turn the heat all the way off and let the pressure drop naturally. Take the weight and lid off, season to taste with Himalayan pink (I don’t use black salt in my beans) and they are SO GOOD.

I needed some greens so I went out to the freezer and got a pint of kale I’d frozen back in January. It was the perfect complement. A good summertime tomato would have been nice but they’re still several weeks off. My niece is going to get her wish for okra and tomatoes but my sister said the okra will be frozen and the tomatoes imported.

But—I’m getting ahead of myself. When I went to get the kale, I was seeing red spots. Yep. Strawberries. Juicy ripe ones. I hadn’t had my water yet but I hove to and ate every one I could find that was ready. The Catz were trying to get my attention but they weren’t successful.

This afternoon, my neighbor across the street posted that her mom had passed away. She’d put up quite a battle to the very end. She’d often post encouraging messages. The last thing she shared was on May 15. It was a quote from one of her favorites:

God knows what’s best for us. He can see the dangers. All through the day, you need to be sensitive to those promptings. Don’t ignore what you’re feeling.

That’s another funeral I’ll be attending. Seems like there are more and more of them these days. Maybe it’s because I’m getting farther past the half century mark, myself?

The bulletin secretary sent the bulletin, such as it was. Everything is “TBA”. The speaker’s name isn’t even on it. One of the announcements verified what I’d suspected—the church will be closed for the Olde Time Campmeeting so I have four Sabbaths as organist. The next month will be almost as long as September 2011 was.

Genese is either tired of Wordscraper, is shut out or doesn’t feel up to playing. Or maybe she’s forgotten we have two games going.

Twinkle and the Catz have terrorized the screen in the storm door some more today. I had to scold one of the Catz for sharpening her claws on it. That’s one thing Twinkle can’t do.

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