First Strawberries

Let me start this out by verifying that I haven’t done much of anything today except BE. I did call my sister to wish her a safe trip whenever she and our other sister decided to go back home and was surprised they were packed and ready to leave momentarily. We didn’t talk long and I would suppose they’re at their destination now.

I contacted my cousin to see if it would be up to me to feed the critters. She said it was her intention to come home and do it but to go ahead (not in so many words because she was texting but that was the gist of it). It was a beautiful day so, on the way to take care of the livestock, I stopped and somewhat cleaned up the lower box that has the strawberries and oregano in it. Oregano must be related to mint. It’s trying to take over the place.

During my inspection, I discovered some lovely red-ripe berries. I think there were only four and they got et. I thought about coming into the house to get my camera but I was too lazy and they looked too good. I’m hoping there will be enough for a strawberry shortcake one of these days. I haven’t had one in nigh onto 10 years.

To make up for the lack of a picture, I took two from prior years and did a bit of manipulating. No, I didn’t spend a lot of time on it and, no, I didn’t intend for it to look professional. I did it for FUN.


Tomorrow is a day I’m going to have to get off my butt and Get Things Done. I haven’t even put all the groceries away from my shopping yesterday. The perishables were stowed but not the things that aren’t critical.

Genese and I are playing a word every day or two. This is a hard pattern to break out of. Maybe I could describe it as “cozy”?

Bunched Up

It’s warmer than it was yesterday but still not hot. It’s supposed to get into the mid-80s tomorrow. I’ll hide and watch and see what happens. Twinkle still likes either her heating pad or lap time. It may have to make it into the 90s for her to be happy without help.

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