First Watermelon

I’d bought the watermelon last week. It spent the first few days on the living room floor before I rearranged and was able to get it into the fridge. After a hot day yesterday and a warmish night last night (it got down to 71 in the house), I was ready for some cooling off.

Not wanting to repeat my hospitalization, I washed the melon well before I cut it. Being my first course at breakfast, I went for 1/4 of the fruit/vegetable. Last year, I never did get a good one. This year, my luck changed with the very first one. I hope it holds true for the rest of the season.

First Watermelon

I’m glad I didn’t wait until later in the day to eat it. It’s very juicy and full of vitamin P. I was in and out of the bathroom all morning.

One of my purchases hasn’t been made public until now. I was looking at my sandals the other day and they are showing their age. I started searching on ebay and found that they are no longer available in my size. The smallest I could find were a size 8 and my size 6 feet would be lost in them. MBT’s sell for a couple hundred dollars new but I was leery of trying to find some that would fit since their sizing is so much different. Even with a chart, it made me uncomfortable trying to decide whether I needed a 36 or a 37. I’m not too proud to wear secondhand shoes if they are still in good shape and affordable.

Then I found a pair that was “mint condition”, size 36 in white. Only worn once, the seller got me with

  • Maker: MBT
  • Size: US 4.2 EUR 36
  • These are listed as a 4.2 US size (I wear a size 6 and they fit me perfectly)
  • Width: M
  • Color: White~Gray
  • Condition: Excellent Mint condition
  • Worn 1 Time!
  • It didn’t hurt, either, that with over 4k transactions, the feedback was 100% positive. AND, even with shipping included, the purchase price was a mere fraction of what they’d be new.

    Well, they came today and they are everything I hoped they’d be. They fit perfectly and are even more comfortable than my Rocker RX (they should be since they are a better quality shoe).

    I contacted the seller and was given permission to share pictures of them.

    My Shoes

    My Shoes 2

    Exciting times! If you’re looking for something and army5 is the seller, it should be exactly as advertised. I’m a happy camper.

    I’d thought I was supposed to feed the critters today. I wasn’t looking forward to going out–it was over 100 in the sun at 2:44 this afternoon. I steeled myself to do it and when I got over there, I discovered it had been done. Guess I should be glad for the exercise.

    Speaking of exercise, I did rebound. I managed to keep cool enough by going topless with the fan blowing directly on me. It was probably a pretty scary sight.

    I did laundry and washed Mother’s dress for the first time. It seems to have come out pretty well. I didn’t dry it all the way so I hope it didn’t shrink.

    Twinkle’s water needs changing and I’m sure her food dish has to be replenished. She was upset I’d turned off her heating pad so I turned it on again. Guess her poor old bones appreciate the warmth.

    Genese has been down today and with good reason. She’s gained weight—probably because of fluid buildup in her left leg—and is being threatened with a move to another facility. Her reaction has been to cry most of the time. She said “i can’t be sent away.. it will kill me if i can’t see my Mother. and i was told i was being irrational but i don’t care. i’m scared. i hurt. i am a mess and nothing is making it better right now.” I’d like to see how THEY’D react under the same circumstances. Irrational? I don’t think so. It’s a most understandable reaction to me.

    4 Responses to First Watermelon

    1. Mary Jane May 9, 2014 at 6:44 am #

      Congrats on both the watermelon (it looks luscious) and the shoes!

      • Tommie May 9, 2014 at 7:59 am #

        Thanks! It IS luscious.

    2. Lila May 9, 2014 at 7:11 am #

      Congrats on the melon and the shoes! Will pray about Genese’s situation. Seems to me she’s done extremely well under the circumstances, and I hope and pray she will not be put where life would be more difficult for her.

      • Tommie May 9, 2014 at 8:10 am #

        Thanks. Genese was transferred to the hospital last night because of a UTI. That can make a person anxious. Hopefully, she’ll go back to the nursing home on Sunday.

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