I Have an Hour Longer to Live

I’ve about used it up trying to figure out why my sister can’t get the notebook to connect to her Inernet. I emailed her to find out which ISP she’s with but she was pretty tired and is probably already in bed. That’s where I should be.

The chocolate I indulged in late in the day kept me awake last night. I have no idea when I finally dropped off but when I woke at 5, I donned The Mask and went back to sleep. Sort of. It was kind of in and out, dozing off and on. Looking at the clock, I was shocked to see it was 9:05 TT. I got up, juned around and got started on the day.

A bit later, I looked at a different clock and it wasn’t 9 yet. I’d misread the number on my clock.

It was still morning when I heard the sound of a lawn mower. I went out and there was my cousin, whizzing around the yard, getting the weeds knocked down to size before the rain comes in. It’s predicted from now through Wednesday. She shut the engine off and we visited for a spell. I got my dose of sun, that’s for sure.

When I came in, I was getting ready to fix my breakfast when the phone rang. It was my roommate from academy days. I’d posted the song I want sung at my memorial and she’d seen it. She said she wanted to hear my voice but I wonder if it was because of that. Here it is:

Mother always said a local man had written it but it was published under someone else’s name. Whatever. It’s one of my favorite songs. I’ve asked DH’s nephew and his family to sing it. Now we’ll just have to hide and watch to see if my wishes are carried out.

Anyway, an hour and 20 minutes later, we signed off and I ate. I’d nibbled along and managed to one-handedly feed Twinkle. That was a feat in itself—getting the lid off her food and putting it in the bowl without laying the phone down.

I got to thinking about the good times my friend and I used to have. She could talk and sing in a Donald Duck voice and one of the ditties was, “Vaseline petroleum JEL-LYYYY! The first aid kit in a jar.” Doesn’t look like much in black and white but it was hilarious when she’d do it.

My pedometer says I spent 24 minutes exercising. I sure thought it was 25. I’m more encouraged to rebound now that I’m watching The Wonder Years. Even though I’ve seen all the episodes, I enjoy watching them again.

The editor still hasn’t responded about my having the third quarter study guide. The HTML expert had checked in today and she hasn’t answered him, either, so I’m not the only one she’s ignoring. I have one more lesson to complete and the current quarter will be done.

I failed to acknowledge the second anniversary of my sister’s passing last night. She died April 25, 2012.

Three years ago tonight were when the tornadoes came through and one touched down a few hundred feet from where I sit. The devastation is still evident.

Well, the air is cooler even though the house is still pretty warm. I’m back in shorts and t-shirt. It got up to 80 degrees in here today. I’m not looking forward to hot weather.

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  1. Lila April 28, 2014 at 7:05 am #

    I used my a/c last night in order to be able to sleep through. It probably didn’t run a lot, for when I looked at the thermostat this morning, the house was one degree cooler than where I had it set.

    • Tommie April 28, 2014 at 8:56 am #

      Living on a mountain does have its perks. 😀

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