Getting Closer

Today was the visitation for the Cavalry’s mother-in-law. I don’t dare try to drive to the church where it was held. I’ve gotten hopelessly lost trying to find it. The two people I’d checked with weren’t going so I didn’t have a ride, either.

My day wasn’t wasted in spite of the fact I didn’t spend it as I’d planned. The HTML expert sent a link for the third quarter he’s been working on. The editor chimed in with corrections he needs to make so “Tommie can do her work of polishing up the lessons.” And I haven’t finished this quarter! I got busy and worked on them some more but I’m still not done.

The notebook was handed off to the next owner and now it won’t access the Internet. Why, I have no idea. It’s connected with a network cable so there shouldn’t be a passcode or anything to key in. Maybe it’s homesick.

I’m back to critter-feeding. The male baby acted like it was starved. It was only mid-afternoon but it came out of its little cubbyhole and was eating. It would grab a bite and run to the other side of the cage to eat it and then do it again. I didn’t see the females.

The day was beautiful with hardly a cloud in the sky. I sat down on the steps in the sun for a few minutes and one of the cats came and stretched out beside me. None of them have let me pet them but it lay there and enjoyed being stroked. When I came back to the house, I expected Twinkle to be upset but she sniffed around and then walked off.

Speaking of Twinkle, she has been wiping out all the food I give her. She’s eaten half a can today and is in there working on some more. At this rate, I don’t see how she’ll keep from gaining weight. Early this morning, she hocked up a hairball. I hate it when that happens.

Either Genese is on strike or Wordscraper is blocked again.

Wordscraper Three Days Ago

My kala namak was getting low. I’d ordered from a different company because the price on Amazon had gone up. It wasn’t the same. Similar but not as full-flavored and it was powdery. There was no way to sprinkle it on food. It clumped. I went back to Amazon and there was a two lub bag (that was supposed to be identical to the one lub) that would cost much less in the long run so I ordered it. It turned out to be powdery, too. I contacted the company and they are sending me a two lub bag of kala namak table salt. It should be here tomorrow. Feedback pays off!

I checked Twinkle’s food and durned if she hasn’t eaten a good 1/4 of the half can of food I put out for her. I hope the rest is gone by morning.

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