The Hunted

Not a whole lot to report today. I woke early and since I didn’t want to, I donned the mask and went back to sleep. It was 8:45 when I next opened my eyes.

Since there are no longer any little birdies in the nest, I don’t do anything “Easter-ish”. When DD and I were visiting today, I told her I used to enjoy dyeing eggs with her but it was a relief not to have the mess to clean up any more. She and her boyfriend were preparing to dye eggs and she was in the process of making her traditional birthday strawberry shortcake. The woman will be 36 tomorrow! Is it possible that my youngest is that old? This is the last night I’ll ever be twice her age.

Seems the egg-dyeing kits are different from the ones we used to buy. She said the colors are more vivid and the only kit she could find so late in the day had clay with it. I looked it up and it’s “PAAS Clay Creations”. She’s supposed to have taken some pictures.

I’d mentioned I have some pictures somewhere of DIL1 and my granddaughter dyeing eggs years and years ago when my g-daughter was a very young child. I’ve hunted for them but wasn’t successful. I did bag a picture of Twinkle I’d taken before she came to live with me. It was snapped with my Sony CLIÉ PEG-UX50, a tiny laptop-like PDA. She still looks at me in the self-same way.

Early Twinkle

She was probably two years old. We had no idea what was in our future.

I had a private message from my cousin that we’d have to get together tomorrow re: her computer. No big deal. It isn’t in my way. The longer it stays here, the more likely it is to update.

The Wordscraper boards are languishing from disuse. I guess I can’t blame Genese for not wanting to be beat—again.

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  1. Lila April 21, 2014 at 12:40 pm #

    My two older grandchildren skipped the egg-dyeing this year, too. The youngest did it at home before joining us here.

    Precious picture of Twinkle!

    • Tommie April 21, 2014 at 7:48 pm #

      Who would have known Twinkle would still be with us 14 years later?

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