A Freeze Watch?

Weatherbug is getting an early start. There’s a freeze watch out for DS1, DS2, Twinkle and me, over to my sisters in North Carolina but it isn’t supposed to happen until tomorrow evening. It’s kind of confusing because it expires tonight. Here’s what it says:

Freeze watch

I haven’t seen any fruit trees blooming yet so, hopefully, they will escape injury. There were tulip trees out in full dress in the valley a couple of weeks ago and dogwood (both white and pink) when I was in town yesterday. I saw a tulip tree in bloom not far from here on Sabbath. It doesn’t take more than a light frost to cook one of them.

DD called this afternoon and we talked for around an hour. She and her boyfriend had gone to the Tulip Festival. The weather was nice enough for them to travel with the top down. I guess a large part of the population decided to make the pilgrimage as well. She said it took them hours longer to get there than it would have, otherwise. She has lots of pictures but hasn’t shared them yet. I think this is where they went. She can correct me if I’m wrong.

Humana notified me they had processed my hospitalist claim correctly. However, if I didn’t agree, I could appeal and gave me the info I needed to do just that. I sat down and wrote a detailed letter of appeal and started looking for my envelopes. I have no idea where I’ve put them. Not wanting to put off sending it until I could get to town, I texted my cousin and asked if she had a business sized envelope. She told me where to look. I found what I needed and, for the first time, I printed an envelope with my printer and Open Office. I rarely send anything by snail mail so I’d had no reason to try it before. For a wonder, it came out perfectly! The letter is in the mailbox, waiting for the postperson to pick it up tomorrow.

I’d exercised and was getting ready to eat when the Housesitter called from Florida. She’d called earlier but hadn’t had a good signal and had tossed her phone in frustration. She asked me to call the number so she could find it in the car. I did and she did. It was under the seat. We ended up having a more than half hour conversation.

The Computer Owner had said she would be by after 6 to pick up her computer. She said not to bother to fix a meal. She had food she needed to use up. I guess I was a bit abrupt because I hadn’t planned to cook. I told her I could brief her on what I’d done and she could take the computer and go. When she got here, I was still eating supper. Turns out she was talking about EDT and I was thinking EST. When she asked for access to the microwave, I was a bit surprised because I didn’t want the session to stretch out too long. I’m trying my best to get to bed earlier.

I’m afraid I came off as anti-social but I’d been cleaning and had pretty much worn myself out. I just wanted to give her a rundown, let her have her computer and finish my meal. So…that’s what happened. The interruption resulted in my eating too much. I’m borderline miserable.

My cousin let me know she needed me to feed the critters. When I’d been over there earlier, I’d laid my keys down and didn’t know where (is there a pattern emerging?). I got out my other set of keys that has my house key on it but not theirs. They hide a key sometimes so I figured I’d use it—but it wasn’t there. I came back, retraced my steps and found my keys where I should have thought to look before. They were by the printer.

Five cats showed up to be fed. However, only four of them were Catz. The fifth belongs to one of the neighbors on the opposite side of the street. I think it’s been helping itself to the Catz’ food for some time.

My sister’s monitor came. She’s contacted someone to set the desktop up for her. Hopefully, the fellow can get the old monitor to work long enough to transfer her files. She should be happy and then our other sister will be the proud owner of a notebook computer.

I’ve been coughing a lot today. I don’t know if it’s from the exertion or pollen. My head aches and my eyes are burning. I’m a mess. Whatever, it ain’t fun. Twinkle is to be fed. Right now, she’s snoozing away. That’s what I’ll be doing soon.

4 Responses to A Freeze Watch?

  1. Lila April 15, 2014 at 7:52 am #

    The best laid plans…so sorry yours went awry!

    • Tommie April 15, 2014 at 8:14 am #

      Well, you know, “Life is what happens…”

  2. Mary Jane April 15, 2014 at 2:54 pm #

    My apple trees ;have started blooming, so may get nipped. Guess it doesn’t matter too much as they are pretty much left to take care of themselves! The great big one had lots and lots of apples last year, but they were not really usable. My tulip magnolia has been beautiful, but is now shedding the blossoms. For once it wasn’t frost bitten while it was in full bloom.

    • Tommie April 15, 2014 at 3:21 pm #

      The sad thing is I’m sure there are other apple trees that have started blooming, too. Nothing we can do about it except hope it isn’t too bad.

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